About Us


Our Approach

So here is the thing, we like surfing 🏄‍♂️ but we will probably never become pros at it. Our dream is to create a world for myself and my wife where we would be having enough to cover our basic needs (health, traveling, living, etc) coming from my stocks & ETF portfolio.

Our Story

We noticed that it is very hard to step away from the rat race. Yet it’s uncomfortable to leave 100% from surfing as you generally have problems making ends meet and are not well prepared for sickness or injuries. We want to offer people a way to reach a middle ground.

How are the ranking established?

It all started with a simple price comparison. And the price is still the biggest focus of the ranking. But I then continued by comparing the delivery prices and conditions. After placing several orders I also realized that best online fashion retailers should also be judged according to the focus they put on customer service. Last but not least, I try to estimate the number of available brands. As my ranking becomes more popular every day, I start receiving some emails from users containing some information about the ranking. I also use them in order to fine-tune the reviews. Sometimes online fashion retailers contact me themselves in order to tell me that they fixed some problems and ask me whether I can reconsider the ranking.

Limits of the service

It took me months to create this site. Nevertheless, I cannot guarantee that the website will be 100% error-free. You (as a user) should simply consider me as help for decision. In no eventuality, I can be held responsible for what is happening on the platform of the online fashion shop.

I am still convinced that you will appreciate the effort I made and that it will help you to find quickly your favorite pair of shoes.

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