How to participate in the Moverxyz Champion program and maybe get an Airdrop?

Mover is a decentralized, permissionless, and trustless network of nodes which is able to lock assets on one chain and swap them for assets on another chain, as well as minting one-to-one pegged representations of those assets. In other words, a classical mint and burn function of a bridge adding to it some interoperability as the asset on the destination chain will not necessarily be the same asset on the origin chain.

Mover Bridge logo – Use this tutorial to register for the champions program and maybe qualify for an Airdrop down the line. Source: Mover

What is the Mover Network and how does it work?

Mover’s hybrid architecture is the source of its innovation: light client verification and a network of nodes conducting safe multi-party threshold signing are utilized alternately to ensure maximum security and quicker addition of fresh blockchain to the bridge. The former provides the utmost security on supported chains, whilst the latter allows us to simply include new target chains into Mover.

From the start, Mover bridge will employ a light client to execute cross-chain communications with the supported EVM blockchains. Swap transactions to and from non-EVM chains will be routed through a network of nodes executing secure multi-party computation (MPC) to obtain a threshold consensus. MPC nodes will verify and collectively sign transactions. MPC nodes will be operated by a variety of entities, including core developers, community members, and other Aptos ecosystem players, shortly after the first launch.

To further safeguard the bridge, the team will create a fully automated monitoring and reconciliation service that will automatically suspend transactions or even some bridge endpoints if suspicious behavior is identified.

How to register for the Champion program and maybe receive an Airdrop?

  1. Join the Discord Server of Mover using this link
  2. Work on the following quests
  3. Done!

Once you will be on the CREW dashboard, it will look a little bit like this:

Make sure to do as many quests as possible and be active in the Discord

I am personally very bullish on the Mover project. It is a leveraged play on the Aptos ecosystem.

So far there is neither any Airdrop announced, nor there is a product to test, but don’t worry, this shall come.

In the meantime, have fun testing. You are early Anon.

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