5 promising sectors if you want to find a job in Africa

Do you want to find a job in Africa? Great news, Africa wants you. The continent is expected to create 122 million new job positions by 2027. The continent is rapidly in search of a professional workforce, with the rise of a middle class and a troubling brain drain. If it’s in the fields of social, technical, or infrastructural, Africa requires to be achieved. Talents from the diaspora should know where to search for a career if they decide to return. Here are several places where implementations will be of concern. Only dream about it.

Natural resources, oil & gas – Mining

Mining in africa
Career in mining can be a great idea for many people. Source: pexels

Around Africa, new oil and gas fields are discovered every day. One of the best known of recent times remains the one discovered off the coast of West Africa, mainly in the territory of Senegalese. International companies will need new, qualified talents to help them achieve their goals while maintaining the prevailing social and environmental balance for their operation. Moreover, mines remain among the best investments. All over the world raw materials are still being sought, in different cases. It goes without saying that in the years to come, those sectors will not stop recruiting better and better-trained workers. 


One of today’s biggest economic diversification trends in Africa, representing one of the main government challenges that SMEs seek to address to meet consumer demands. Most African countries have thus developed major agri-food programs, with the aim of promoting the transformation of the agri-food industry in order to benefit from local productions intended for consumption or export.

Real Estate and Infrastructures

Since all economic development requires good urbanization, construction and public works in Africa are developing very rapidly. Their goals are to house the largest possible part of the population, to face the main problems of urbanization, and to fight ghetto development. New pan-African and international operators, as well as individual initiatives, are taking advantage of such markets. Therefore they are looking for qualified and mobile talents, able to satisfy their different projects.

real estate and infrastructure sector is growing rapidly in Africa. Maybe a good job opportunity for you
The real estate and infrastructure sector is growing rapidly in Africa. Maybe a good job opportunity for you. Source: pexels

Mobile banking / Fintech

Among the new sectors that recruit the most in Africa, this sector holds a strong trend. Mobile applications very often help traditional banks reach a larger part of the African population than they could achieve in their traditional development, by helping to create and preserve a social bond, but also by redesigning the system. Banking in countries where the poorest populations have more access to telecommunications than traditional banking. Such a sector should be followed, because the better the system is the more competitive it is.

If you’ve ever had such projects, consider working for a mobile banking application to better understand the populations you’ll have to work with.


With life expectancy and spending on health below the global level, Africa needs more physicians and health professionals. Now it’s known that no country can develop without a good healthcare system. Thinking about studying medicine for a long time can be overwhelming, but it always pays off in a context where all remains to be done. Populations in Africa today, particularly rural populations, face great difficulties in accessing adequate healthcare coverage. The health system is under redesign in several African countries. Health spending in Rwanda and Nigeria for instance is improving.

Health policies are also flourishing in several sub-Saharan African countries, offering unmissable job opportunities to many young Africans in the sector, insofar as those policies are put in place by or in collaboration with governments. , For the most part. There are nowadays a lot of mobile apps and startups working in the field with technology. Some big African capitals are even becoming essential health hubs in their regions, for example for Morocco, Kenya, Senegal, Botswana and South Africa.

Africa is a land where a multitude of opportunities can be found if you take the time to research and are ready to embark on new adventures. If you are looking for a job in the above-mentioned sectors, consider Co-option online. Everything helps!

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