7 Best browser crypto wallets

In the early days of crypto, there were not a lot of alternatives if you wanted to interact with a blockchain, regardless of which one it was. There was Metamask and not much else. Now the situation is different and there are multiple different wallets and more precisely browser crypto wallets. But first things first. What are Crypto Browsers Wallets?

What are Crypto Browsers Wallets?

Browser wallets are digital currency wallets made specifically for use with web browsers.

When most people hear the term “browser wallet,” they immediately conjure up programs like MetaMask, which can be downloaded right into browsers like Chrome, Brave, and so forth.

However, there is a lot more going on here. The term “browser wallet” refers to a number of browser-specific services in addition to wallet extensions.

Which one, then, offers the most benefits? We examined seven distinct browser wallet projects that represented four different wallet types in order to provide an answer. As follows:

  • Browser extensions
  • Browsers with built-in wallets
  • “Any browser” wallet services
  • Browser-compatible desktop wallets

Still the king of browser wallets: Metamask

MetaMask is a free cryptocurrency wallet available on the web and for mobile devices that enables users to exchange and store cryptocurrencies, engage with the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, and host an expanding number of decentralized applications (dApps). One of the most popular crypto applications exists today – Aave, Curve, Uniswap, and Maker as an example.

As with other browser plugins, MetaMask must be installed before it can be used as an Ethereum wallet. Once loaded, users can use any Ethereum address to transact by storing Ether and other ERC-20 tokens.

Which chains is Metamask supporting?

As of now, Metamask is only supporting EVM Blockchains such as – among others :

Still the king of browser wallets: Metamask – Source: Metamask

How Popular is Metamask?

MetaMask has over 10 million MAUs, making it the world’s leading non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. MetaMask has expanded over 1,800 percent in one year, from 545,080 monthly active users in July 2020 to 10,354,279 in August 2021.

Can I Buy Crypto with Metamask?

It is simple to purchase cryptocurrency with MetaMask. Simply click the “Buy” button to get started. You’re ready to explore Web3 on your own terms if you have a funded MetaMask wallet.

Use the Buy Button on Metamask to Onramp funds into ETH Blockchain. Source: SurferInvestor

Is Metamask a Wallet or an Exchange?

Metamask is a wallet but not a centralized exchange. MetaMask, which is available as a browser extension and a mobile app, provides a key vault, secure login, and token wallet—everything you need to manage your digital assets. However, keep in mind that Metamask has a swap function. So Metamask allows your to “exchange” or “swap tokens”. But it’s not an Exchange such as Binance, Kucoin or FTX.

Can someone hack my MetaMask?

So far, there has been no report of any hack of the Metamask app or browser extension. However, there has been a lot of phishing attacks targeting Metamask users which resulted in the loss of funds. The majority of users that are hacked are new to DeFi trading and have not yet learned all of the necessary methods to safeguard a Metamask wallet. For example how to keep their private keys safe or how to revoke spending permission of specific protocols.

How to revoke permissions:
>> Go to Revoke.cash
>> Connect using Metamask
>> See the protocols that still have allowance to spend your token.
>> Revoke what you don’t trust.
>> Repeat those steps on a weekly/monthly basis based on how of a degen you are

How much does MetaMask cost?

Downloading the Metamask browser extension or mobile app is free. However, there is a swap function within the Metamask app. Each swap includes an automated service fee of 0.875 percent, which funds continuous research to make MetaMask even better. I personally made a couple of swaps using the Metamask wallet in order to potentially qualify for a potential airdrop.

Is it safe to give MetaMask address?

At the end of the MetaMask onboarding, you will have a so-called private key and a public key. Your private key needs to remain secret at any time. This is the key to your funds. If anyone gets your private key or seed phrase, then they can (and will) steal your funds. However, your public key can be shared with anyone without the danger of loss of funds.

That being said, it might be smart to think twice before sharing your public address with someone else, as they can then monitor your blockchain interaction using a blockchain explorer such as Etherscan.

Is MetaMask safe on iPhones?

There is an Iphone Metamaks app. The app is generally safe. However, some IT experts spotted a vulnerability in combination with iCloud backup. To avoid a potential compromise of your seed phrase, you must stop iCloud backup for MetaMask.


  • Simple to use and download
  • Clearly explains the method of storage backup and wallet recovery
  • Simple to create new accounts or import old ones
  • Compatible with the hardware wallets Ledger, Trezor, and GridPlus
  • In-wallet cryptocurrency swap scheme


  • Lacks the ability to recover lost accounts like smart contract wallets
  • Due to MetaMask’s popularity, phishers frequently target its users on social media.

GameStop Wallet

Unless you’ve been entirely shut off from the outside world, you’ve probably seen the term GameStop spreading on social media and in news headlines in recent months. And along with GameStop, it’s also likely that the words and phrases Reddit, WallStreetBets, and the stock market have graced your screens almost as frequently. Indeed, despite the fact that this story originally broke in late January, what is likely to be one of the year’s greatest financial news stories is still firmly entrenched in the public’s awareness. But what precisely is the reason behind this?

Following the discovery of this shorting activity (Melvin Capital shorted GameStop), a significant number of WallStreetBets members devised a strategy to buy and hold GameStop stock in order to drive the stock price higher and trigger what is known as a short squeeze, in which the hedge funds’ borrowed stock would have to be purchased at much higher prices, resulting in enormous losses for them. At this point, the frenzy was only getting started; by January 20, GameStop’s stock had surged to about $40 per share, nearly tripling in three weeks. It had risen to $76 five days later. And on the morning of the 28th, it reached an all-time high of $483.

What is the GameStop browser wallet?

GameStop is the world’s largest video game store. The GameStop Wallet has been developed in recent months by the company’s web3 team in preparation for future ventures into the crypto-economy. The wallet is famous for supporting the Loopring zk-rollup L2 directly. But also more recently Immutable X.

On which chains can I use the GameStop wallet?

For now, it seems that the GameStop Wallet is only available on Ethereum and Loopring L2

The GameStop Wallet is famous for supporting the Loopring zk-rollup L2 directly. Source: GameStop.com

GameStop Wallet, pros and cons


  • Downloadable self-custodial
  • Understand the dangers of self-custody
  • Explains the recovery phrase procedure thoroughly.
  • Loopring provides L2 support.
  • Provides an in-wallet swap scheme and direct hardware wallet support


  • There isn’t a lot of direct dApp support.
  • Accounts that have been lost, such as smart contract wallets, cannot be recovered.
  • Currently, only two chains are supported.

What is the GameStop Wallet?

The GameStop Wallet is a self-custodial Ethereum wallet, which means that users have total control over their assets but cannot recover their accounts if their login credentials are stolen or lost. Currently, the wallet may be accessed via a web browser extension.

How do I create a GameStop wallet?

Install it from the Chrome Web Store, then open your extension tray (the puzzle symbol next to your address bar) and click the pin icon to “pin” the new GameStop Wallet icon that displays. Click the Create Wallet button. From there, follow the on-screen instructions.

Is the GameStop Wallet safe?

This is hard to tell. It does not have yet the track record of more established players such as MetaMask or Coinbase. Also, the GameStop wallet is in Beta Version.

Math Wallet

Math Wallet is a crypto wallet browser plugin that supports over 100 different blockchains. However, when compared to other popular modern crypto wallet options, the project is very difficult to use. Math Wallet is a secure multi-platform wallet that can be used on mobile, desktop, extensions, and hardware. At the time of writing, it also supports the storage of over 3000 tokens, the most prominent of which being BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, EOS, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, and others.

Does Math Wallet support smart chains?

MathWallet is a multi-chain wallet with over 1.2 million users that supports 60+ blockchains including BTC, ETH, Polkadot, Filecoin, Solana, and BinanceChain. The MathWallet app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is capable of sending and receiving SOL tokens.

Math Wallet supports multiple EVM Chains as well as Bitcoin, Kusama, Solana, Tron, and some more.

Math Wallet exists since 2017 – Source: Math Wallet

Can I stake on Math Wallet?

Yes, you can, here is a list of assets you can stake directly from your Math Wallet:

  • BNB ChainBNB Staking. 6.27% Fee. 3%
  • Secret NetworkSCRT Staking. 22.34% Stakers. Staked Value.
  • Cosmos HubATOM. Staking. 16.8% Staked Value. $734,646.
  • IRISnetIRIS. Staking. 6.81% Stakers. 141.
  • EdgewareEDG. Staking. Custodial. 17.01%
  • ChainXPCX. Staking. 82.09%
  • EOS. Hosting. 33.58%

Who created the Math Wallet?

Eric Yu created MATHWallet in 2017. MathWallet is a multi-chain wallet that works with over 60 different blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Polkadot. Math Wallet is the most powerful and secure worldwide cryptocurrency wallet, with cross-chain token exchange and a multi-chain dApp store.

Who invested in Math wallet?

Binance Labs and Capital6 Eagle are two of MathWallet’s six investors.


  • Self-custodial
  • Downloading is simple.
  • Supports a wide range of chains


  • The wallet creation process and UI were both confusing.
  • There isn’t much Dapp support.
  • Accounts cannot be recovered in the same way that smart contract wallets can.
  • The hazards and significance of the recovery phrase process were not emphasized.

Brave Wallet

Brave, a crypto-friendly browser, released an in-built crypto wallet called Brave Wallet in November 2021. The software allows you to engage with Web3 straight from your browser experience, providing a look into the internet’s future. It is presently compatible with all EVM-based chains and Solana.

Is the Brave Browser Safe?

Brave is one of the most secure browsers available today. It prevents trackers and advertisements from invading your privacy. It prevents the storing of data by other parties. It guards against browser fingerprinting.

Brave Browser pays you in BAT token to navigate the internet and also offers a Browser wallet! Source: Brave

Can Brave browser be trusted?

Is the Brave Browser safe to use? Yes, you can rely on Brave to protect you from internet advertisements, trackers, and other dangerous stuff. When you opt into Brave advertisements, the ad blocker is set by default, and no data leaves your browser.

Can you be tracked using Brave browser?

Brave Search does not track your searches or clicks.

Is Brave offering a “Google Translate” feature?

A simple method for translating whole pages in Brave / Chromium. Ctrl + Shift + 2 or click the icon Context-menu or shortcut key your way into a Google Translate-translated website.

How do I enable Google Translate in Brave browser?

  • Start the Brave browser on your PC or Mac
  • Look for the Google Translate plugin in the Chrome web store. Below is a direct connection.
  • Select the Add to Brave option.
  • To allow the browser to add the extension, click Add extension.

Is Brave browser completely free?

Yes, using Brave is entirely free. To get started, just download the Brave browser for desktop, Android, or iOS. You may also use Brave Search from any browser for free at search.brave.com, or make it your default search engine.

Brave Browser Pros & Cons


  • Self-custodial
  • Downloading is simple.
  • Provides an in-wallet swap system that is compatible with Ramp and Wyre.


  • There isn’t a lot of direct dapp support.
  • Accounts cannot be recovered in the same way that smart contract wallets can.


WalletConnect is an open protocol that uses end-to-end encryption to link desktop DApps to mobile wallets by scanning a QR code. WalletConnect works similarly to scanning a QR code to log in to WhatsApp online to link the NCW app with the DApp on your laptop or desktop.

WalletConnect, according to its website, is an “open-source protocol for connecting dapps to mobile wallets via QR code scanning or deep linking.” Rainbow wallet, for example, is a popular Ethereum wallet that does not yet have a browser plugin. WalletConnect is built into more than 100 leading wallets. Easily integrate WalletConnect into your wallet with our Javascript, Swift, or Kotlin SDK’s.

WalletConnect is used by hundreds of dapps to connect with wallets. Allow consumers to use your dapp with their preferred wallet on any device. It is simple to integrate using our Javascript, Swift, or Kotlin SDKs.

WalletConnect seems to be supporting any chain. But in general, I see it more on EVM Chains.

What wallets work with WalletConnect?

  • MyEtherWallet (MEW) MyEtherWallet.
  • Rainbow Wallet. Rainbow.
  • SafePal. SafePal.
  • MetaMask. ConsenSys.
  • MathWallet. Math Wallet.
  • Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet.
  • imToken. imToken.
Wallet Connect serves as a link between Decentralized Applications (DApps) and your Wallet. Source: Wallet Connect

What is wallet connect used for?

WalletConnect serves as a link between Decentralized Applications (DApps) and your Bitcoin.com Wallet. After you’ve granted a DApp connection request (through WalletConnect), the DApp can send transaction requests to your Bitcoin.com Wallet, which you must also manually approve in the Wallet.

Does WalletConnect work with Coinbase?

Now, go to any of the SDK-integrated dapps (mentioned below, with more on the coming) and select the option to link your Coinbase Wallet. Scanning the QR code with your Coinbase Wallet QR scanner is the next step. This establishes a safe, encrypted connection between the Wallet app and your browser.

Is Binance WalletConnect compatible?

The WalletConnect protocol is used by the Binance Chain Web Wallet to communicate with external wallet providers. WalletConnect enables users to unlock and use their wallet on the web UI by scanning a QR code from the wallet app.

Is Ledger WalletConnect compatible?

Wallet Connect allows you to connect Ledger Live to a variety of DApps from desktop and mobile devices. WalletConnect is an open-source technology that allows mobile wallets to be securely connected to decentralized apps (DApps).


  • A meta-wallet that works with all wallets.
  • Simple to use
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Open-source


  • Sometimes taking multiple attempts and need of uncaching to connect


An Ethereum wallet with a focus on privacy that operates natively on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Frame is an Ethereum wallet that is available as a native desktop application. It maintains all of your accounts, tokens, and objects and lets you link them to any Dapp in a simple and safe manner. It may be used with any EVM chain, including Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, xDai, and others.

Frame is a desktop wallet with a browser plugin called Frame Companion. “Injects a connection to Frame (a native Ethereum wallet on your desktop) into browser-based programs that do not know how to connect to Frame directly,” according to the connector.

Frame Desktop Wallet – Source: Frame

Dapp Compatibility of the Frame Wallet

The Frame extension injects a provider that is compatible with the EIP-1193 standard into the browser. Many dapps comply with this standard and function with Frame out of the box, as shown above, with no further steps required. However, certain dapps do not adhere to the standard (typically because they are only meant to function with Metamask) and require a little more setup. The plugin adds an option for various dapps that allows Frame to masquerade as MetaMask while interacting with a dapp.

Frame Wallet is conflicting with MetaMask

MetaMask and Frame’s extensions cannot be activated at the same time since they affect the browser environment in the same way. You may keep both installed, but you’ll need to disable the MetaMask extension when using Frame or create another browser profile to swap back and forth quickly.


  • Compatible with several Dapps.
  • Privacy-focused
  • Some of my colleagues are quite enthusiastic about the initiative.


  • Multiple errors while trying to get along with the wallet
  • Many conflicting issues with MetaMask


For dapps, Portis provides a “simple in-browser email/password login approach” that is natural and familiar to mainstream consumers.

The Portis Wallet is offering support with the following chains: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, EOS and the Gnosis Chain.

For Dapps, Portis provides a “simple in-browser email/password login approach” that is natural and familiar to mainstream consumers. – Source: Portis.io

Portis is a straightforward multi-blockchain wallet that is easy to set up and connect to dApps. It addresses the flaws of more known web 3.0 wallets, such as Metamask, which demand the usage of a certain web browser and/or browser plugin.

What coins does the Portis Wallet support?

Portis accepts xDai, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and POA tokens as payment methods. Case Studies: Portis Wallet is more than just a currency and token storage program. It is, rather, a usability aid for gaining access to Web3 applications.

Is Portis wallet legit?

Is Portis.io a genuine wallet? Portis.io is the only official and secure Portis app available. The rest are all frauds aiming to steal your Bitcoin.

What does it mean when Portis is defined as a noncustodial blockchain wallet?

Portis is a very user-friendly wallet that supports a variety of blockchain networks as well as fiat money. It also allows the user to be the single owner of his or her private key. As a consequence, both novice and experienced cryptocurrency users may use Portis safely and effortlessly.

Does Portis wallet have an app?

Wallet Portis There is no Google Play app for Portis. The ONLY secure Portis wallet may be found at https://wallet.portis.io.

Portis Wallet Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Backup functionality within the wallet


  • Lacks extensive direct dapp support
  • Not enough blockchains supported for a degen like me
  • I like the design but the interface is sometimes confusion

Top 7 best browser wallet Crypto List

  1. MetaMask
  2. GameStop
  3. Math Wallet
  4. Brave Wallet
  5. Wallet Connect
  6. Frame
  7. Portis
What are the best multi cryptocurrency wallet?

The crypto world is getting more “multi”. Multi-chain, multi-technology, multi-cryptocurrency. That’s why we need more and more crypto wallets it we don’t want to miss out. However, it can be cumbersome to create a new wallet for each new crypto we want to hold. That’s why multi-cryptocurrency wallet exist. Here are on my opinion the best multi-cryptocurrency wallets on the market at the moment:
> Exodus
> Coinomi
> Ledger Nano S
> Storm Gain
> Coinbase
> WazirX
> Trust Wallet
> Atomic Wallet
> Jaxx Liberty
> Guarda Wallet

PS: Something very, very important to keep in mind when you are using multi-cryptocurrency wallet is that some of those wallet will use multiple seed phrases / privates keys. So as a rule of thumb, also import your phrase in another wallet to verify that all your coins as migrated before deleting a multi-currency wallet.

Is it good to have multiple crypto wallets?

Having multiple crypto wallets can help with risk management (for example, if you lose one private key, you still have access to all of your other wallets), as well as privacy. For all of these reasons, it makes logical for an investor to distribute a significant amount of crypto tokens over many wallets.

Do I need a separate wallet for each crypto?

Not necessarily. While each cryptocurrency has its own wallet, there are several multi-asset wallets that offer multiple different wallets in a single interface.

What is the best decentralized wallet?

As a DeFi native, I use a lot of different wallet. I also fully understand the importance of decentralisation. Especially after the bankrupt of companies such as 3 Arrows Capital or Celsius, the proverb: “not your keys, not your crypto” has never been more true. That’s why I use mainly decentralized wallets such as:
> Gnosis
> Metamask
> MyEtherWallet
> Portis
> TrustWallet
> Torus
> WalletConnext

Are decentralized wallets legal?

Yes, decentralized wallets are legal, but they may face increasing regulation: Decentralized wallets have recently come under fire for being too readily utilized for illegal reasons. However, the perception that cryptocurrency is just for criminals is incorrect.

What is a decentralied Crypto Wallet?

It’s a wallet that gives you full control of your digital assets. A decentralized wallet, often known as a personal wallet, is exactly what it sounds like: a cryptocurrency wallet that you manage and maintain yourself. A crypto service or financial institution does not provide decentralized wallets. Instead, they live on your computer or portable disc, thereby removing third-party services from your transactions. Basically, it’s a wallet that works without third party supervision.
Decentralized crypto wallets aren’t suited for novices because they require a certain amount of competence to keep them secure. However, the more you learn about cryptocurrencies, the more tempting decentralized wallets become.
Decentralized wallets enable strictly peer-to-peer digital transactions: Skipping a regulating agency and trading peer-to-peer is analogous to paying in cash digitally. In other words, the transaction might be completely confidential.

Are there free crypto wallets?

In most cases, it’s free to start using a crypto wallet. However, everyone must eat and there is no free lunch. If something is free, then you are the product. Crypto wallets are free to push adoption. But there will always be some functionality that will allow crypto wallets to earn money. For example:
>> Metamask earn a fee if you use their on-ramp or swap function.
>> Phantom wallets earns a fee if you use their staking wallet

What crypto wallets have no fees?

Before utilizing the wallet, users do not need to have a Coinbase account. The wallet is basically a place to save your currency. The Coinbase wallet is available for free download, and there are no platform fees. However, when transmitting money to other wallets, you, like many other wallets, pay miners.

Can you store NFT on Crypto wallet?

It is important to note that you do not keep NFTs or cryptocurrencies in your wallet. A wallet, on the other hand, assures access to investments housed on the blockchain through a private key. You basically own a cryptographic address and anything at that address if you have the private key.

Do I need a crypto wallet to sell NFT?

Before you go for your debit card, you should know that NFTs are purchased using cryptocurrencies. The majority of transactions on OpenSea, the leading marketplace, are made with Ethereum, and a cryptocurrency wallet is required to participate.

What are the best crypto wallets for NFTs?

>> Metamask
>> Math Wallet
>> Alpha Wallet
>> Trust Wallet
>> Coinbase Wallet

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