[Airdrop Guide] Get ready for the Neutron Airdrop

Today we will cover the Neutron Airdrop, what the protocol is about, what are the eligibility criteria when the snapshot was when the listing was expected, and many more. Read on!

What is the Neutron Project?

The Neutron Project is a blockchain protocol that is powered by Tendermint and built with the Cosmos SDK. It is designed for secure Interchain DeFi, which allows developers to launch smart contracts and interoperate with other protocols and appchains. The project is incubated by P2P, an industry leader, and a Cosmos OG.

How does Neutron support Interchain Security?

Interchain Security is a feature that allows validators from a Provider-Chain (e.g. the Cosmos Hub) to produce blocks for a Consumer-Chain (e.g. Neutron). In return, they are rewarded with additional native tokens. However, they can be sanctioned if they fail to validate the Consumer-Chain. Basically, this provides Neutron with the same degree of security as the Cosmos Hub.

Airdrop details / speculations:

No airdrop has yet been officially announced, but there are many items that could hint that an airdrop is on the way:

>> Neutron only received 50K from Prop 72
>> The team says in a tweet that they are considering an Airdrop

Neutron Team confirming that they are thinking about an Airdrop. Criteria are still TBD!

>> Timing

In general, Airdrops are distributed during the mainnet launch.

None of this is financial advice. I will do my best to update it when new information come up.

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