Airdrop claiming on Cronus Finance.
Airdrop claiming on Cronus Finance.

Cronus Finance – Cosmos Ecosystem – Osmo, Juno, Evmos & Atom stakers

How to get the Cronus finance airdrop? Before we start let’s have some ground principles. The cosmos ecosystem is moving at a very fast pace and one of the most exciting news about this ecosystem is the launch of Evmos. Evmos is a next-generation EVM looking to build on Cosmos. Evmos uses IBC in the blockchain communication protocol so that users will be able to move their crypto assets from one chain to several other chains.

Unfortunately, the launch of Evmos was delayed and the latest information we have is that Evmos will launch sometime in the second week of April however there are many projects looking to deploy on Evmos or looking to build on Evmos and one of such projects is Cronus Finance. Now what is Cronus Finance? Like most other projects that launch on Cosmos, they give out an airdrop.

How to get the Cronus Finance Airdrop?

So how can you get the airdrop of Cronus Finance and what is the possible future of Cronus Finance?

Just like with many projects that are launched on the cosmos ecosystem Cronus announced that they will do an airdrop of their CRN token. The upcoming airdrop is to show support towards the cosmos ecosystem and also appreciation to the partners of Cronus finance while also getting more exposure to the project and building a community.

Who is eligible:

  • Evmos Community
  • Juno Stakers
  • Osmo Stakers
  • ATOM Stakers

Those eligible for the airdrops are the Evmos community which makes sense because Cronus is built on Evmos others include Juno Osmo and Atom stakers. Two snapshots for Juno Osmo and Atom stickers have already been taken on the 6th of March and the 28th of March.

To be eligible users have to stake a minimum of 5 Juno Osmo or atom tokens the snapshots for Evmos stickers will happen sometime after EVM’s chain goes live and everyone who qualifies can claim their tokens.

  • Juno community will share a total of 15 000 tokens.
  • Osmo community will share 25 000 tokens
  • Atom community will share 15 000 tokens

A total of 45 000 tokens will be airdropped to Evmos stakers and liquidity providers in a 60 to 40 ratio as has been mentioned. The snapshots for juno osmo and atom stickers have been taken while that’s for Evmos will be done sometime after the Evmos chain goes live.

Eligibility Cronus Airdrop – Source Cronus
Eligibility Cronus Airdrop – Source Cronus

What is the Cronus project about?

Cronus Finance is an AMM dex building on Evmos. The intention is to offer basic dex features to users on Evmos such that they will be able to make swaps to provide liquidity and other things. Over time they intend to add some other cool features to their platform so that users would not get bored or the token would not just die off.

Because if other features are not added like most other AMM with no real feature the token would die off so they intend to add many other features over time and that is why later after the first tweets that we had they announced some partnerships. They announced a partnership with Celer network and it’s a blockchain and cross-layer communication platform and another partnership with Nomad a security-based question protocol. As expected they also partnered with multi-chain across thin router protocol all to make it easy for people to bridge over to Evmos and subsequently use the kernel’s decks.

What to expect from Cronus Finance

As of this moment, the website is not very revealing. Yet we only have a sneak peek of what the swap page looks like and then what the liquidity provision page looks like and so a full website is expected also the project team understands that if they do not provide enough use cases for the CRN token the token will die off this is why they intend to build a dex that those on Evmos why buying pressure mechanism for the token.

Several other cool features would be needed for people to use the CRN token. Maybe staking, or lottery function. They basically want to be a Defi hub and they have some partnerships already sealed that they intend to reveal in the subsequent days and weeks to come. Also, Cronus is well funded by a VC with a 6-month lock-up period and one-year vesting. Which I find too little in my opinion.

I hope that they manage to build a good brand and hence lock up some healthy and long-term TVL.

Conclusion and closing thoughts on Cronus Finance

My biggest fear is that Evmos will not be able to launch on time. Cronus is having the big problem that they are fully dependent on Evmos development. Especially after the launch debacle, there is a high chance that people will mistrust Evmos at first. The good news is that they have about 50 ambassadors that could drive more users to the platform which is good however I would want to give you better assessments when the website launches and when I can see a roadmap. In crypto, you need to be innovative so the question is whether Cronus will simply be a normal dex or if they will bring some extra value. Good luck to the team.

I will personally dump the airdrop immediately.

Cronos Social networks

On February 24 2022 we saw the first tweet from the official Cronos Finance Twitter accounts. From these tweets, we know that they are going to launch on Evmos. Also, their discord has about 8 000 members in it and I believe that will increase. Over time, also the Twitter account has been growing ever since that very first tweet.

More info:

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