Crypto scams: these Tinder scammers who promise you nudes to empty your wallet

Scams involving cryptocurrency are getting more common and complex. Today, we’ll look at how Tinder fraudsters employ emotional manipulation to empty their victims’ wallets, followed by some advice on how to avoid falling into their traps.

Hackers have now turned their attention to social media sites. Scammers seek to pick their victims through dating apps. They get their victims to download fraudulent cryptocurrency apps on Tinder, then steal their wallets. To obtain the information they require, crypto scammers may go so far as to impersonate someone else.

These latest crypto frauds targeting singles yearning for true love are known as “CryptoRoms,” according to a Bulgarian cybercrime platform. According to the company’s data, several people have fallen into the trap of these scammers by transferring their funds to third-party applications. The perpetrators of these crypto scams spend a huge amount of time on the victim until they reach their goal.

What are cryptocurrency scams on Tinder?

First, the fraudster asks his victim to verify his Tinder profile. He then gives her a URL that appears to be a Tinder verification page but is actually a connection to a third-party website. The bogus website requests personal information such as your name, date of birth, email address, and credit card number. Finally, the fraudster utilizes the user’s information to defraud them.

The scammer begins by creating a bogus Tinder account. Scammers frequently pose as women when they are, in fact, guys. They then offer to provide “nudes,” which are nude images, or emotionally manipulate their victims in order to obtain cryptocurrency or information about their wallets.

Scammers on Tinder – mostly men pretending to be women. Source: Pexels

Has someone suddenly fallen under your spell? Beware

According to Cyber Forensics, an American man named Mike had $277,000 in crypto assets stolen because he believed a specific Jenny from Malaysia was in love with him.

“Crypto scammers on Tinder utilize emotion and enthusiasm to get access to customers’ personal information, including their crypto wallet balances, private keys, and other financial assets,” says Timothy Benson, who works for a company that specializes in BTC recovery. They then use this information to perpetrate their deceptions.”

Scams on Tinder with Cryptocurrencies: How to Avoid Them


  • When speaking with someone, the first thing you should do is check to see if their images have been stolen.
  • If you run a reverse image search, you can find the photographs on the Instagram account of a completely unrelated person.
  • Seek professional counsel before investing in any enterprise.
  • Compare Tinder profiles to that person’s other accounts, conduct some investigation, and make sure they’re not lying about their job or organization.
  • Be cautious even if nothing odd appears.
  • Back out of any interaction if the other person starts asking for sensitive information, no matter how much you dislike it.
  • Before blocking scammers, collect their photographs, phone numbers, and emails.
  • Notify the appropriate authorities.
  • Finally, notify Tinder about the scammer’s account.

How can I get my crypto back?

Companies that specialize on retrieving stolen cryptocurrency funds exist. However, there is no guarantee that all or a portion of your assets will be recovered. The easiest way to avoid crypto scams is to never give your personal information with anyone unless absolutely necessary.

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