[Exclusive Interview] Meet 0xJo from Swapline, a decentralized liquidity book on Fantom

Welcome to today’s interview where we will be discussing @SwaplineDEX, a cutting-edge project which aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance. Swapline is a platform that provides zero slippage trades, dynamic fees, and effective liquidity management for its users. This project is bringing the power of the liquidity book to the decentralized finance ecosystem, enabling traders to execute trades with ease and efficiency. In this interview, we will be exploring the key features and benefits of Swapline, as well as its potential impact on the future of decentralized finance. So, stay tuned to learn more about this exciting project!


[Surfer Investor] Could you please introduce the founding team? What is their background and what makes them the right team to run Swapline? 

[Swapline] Swapline is a cutting-edge DeFi project developed by a diverse and highly experienced team of 10 members, each bringing unique skills and perspectives that fuel creativity and innovation. Our team’s primary goal is to build a sustainable foundation for the DEX while recognizing that the community ultimately drives its long-term success. Our development team consists of skilled full-stack developers and smart contract experts with extensive experience in Fortune 50 companies and strong backgrounds in Computer and Information Sciences. Together, they work on customizing the Swapline frontend, refining the user experience, and ensuring the backend operations run smoothly. 

[Swapline] On the business and marketing side, we have team members with a wealth of experience in International Management, Project Management, Marketing, Graphical Design and Community Building. They together lead business development, marketing strategy, content creation, and community management, focusing on building a strong brand identity, capturing trends, and maintaining a long-term vision for the platform. 

[Surfer Investor] How did the idea of Swapline came to life? 

[Swapline] As a team, we have been involved in the DeFi space for a considerable amount of time and are amazed at how quickly the technology is advancing. However, there are still gaps like strong inefficiencies or poor user experiences that need to be addressed. With this in mind, we came together with a vision to build a decentralized exchange (DEX) that’s incredibly efficient and user-friendly, capable of bursting the DeFi bubble and ultimately appealing to retail users as well. With Liquidity Book we think this is possible for the first time. Liquidity Book done right maximizes liquidity efficiency while eliminating slippage and fees to a point it is not just competitive in the DeFi world but even competitive to central exchanges.

[Surfer Investor] What item in the roadmap gets you the most excited? 

[Swapline] One of the most significant upcoming milestones for Swapline is the launch of automated liquidity vaults and native limit orders for the used Liquidity Book concept. Swapline’s automated liquidity management vaults will eliminate the need for users to manually adjust liquidity and ensure that it is always at the right place and price point. This will simplify liquidity management for users and improve the overall user experience. The vaults will work by using automated keepers which will trigger the rebalance process to optimize liquidity placement. This will help to ensure that liquidity is always available where it is needed most. This will maintain the high flexibility and concentrated liquidity benefits that are characteristic of Liquidity Books without any effort on the user side. Automated limit orders are a highly anticipated feature for Swapline, and for good reason. 

[Swapline] This innovative technology allows traders to execute trades without any fees or slippage, which can significantly improve their overall profitability. In addition, automated limit orders simplify the trading process by automatically executing orders based on pre-set price points. This allows users to capitalize on unique buying and selling opportunities without the need to follow every price action. The launch of this feature is expected to be a game-changer, as it pushes the capability of Swapline further towards a CEX without compromising on its decentral nature at all. This will set Swapline apart from other decentralized exchanges, as this feature is not currently offered by many other platforms. We are very excited to launch these two features and bring Swapline to the next level.

Key Features of Swapline economic model

[Surfer Investor] You have Built Swapline on Fantom & planned to expand to Optimism, can you explain to us why you’ve made such a choice? 

[Swapline] We really like the technology and community of Fantom and Optimism and want to support both ecosystems with our protocol and Liquidity Book as cutting edge Innovation in the DeFi space. We see strong growth potential for both chains which we will support and vice versa. Also, we are closely following the EOS EVM launch and are excited about their revival!

[Surfer Investor] You’ve launched a Zealy/Crew3 campaign, can you tell us why and what will be the benefits for your early adopters to complete the quests? 

[Swapline] We found out about Zealy/Crew3 and immediately fell in love with it. We wanted to gamify our community experience and Crew3 seemed a great tool for this. Every community member who does enough quests and gets at least level 8, we will give out our whitelist spot NFT’s. There are different tiers of our NFT and higher the tier, higher the benefits. In crew3 you can earn tier 0 (lvl8) and tier 1 (lvl10)

[Surfer Investor] How many people are on the team? 

[Swapline] The overall team consists of 10 members with a wide range of skills, experiences and personalities.

[Surfer Investor] In an ideal world, how would Swapline look in 5 years? 

[Swapline] In an ideal world, the DeFi world is having its next big wave of new adoption and Swapline is on the forefront making DeFi more accessible to retail customers and onboarding them into this world. This while not compromising 1 bit on the core values of decentral crypto technology. That would mean that Swapline is a well-established and widely-used decentralized exchange with a strong focus on user experience and innovation. In five years, it would have expanded its protocol to multiple blockchains, providing an easy-to-use multichain experience for users. Swapline’s tested and modeled token economy will have proven to be a leap towards economic sustainability and the Swapline DAO would govern over a strong protocol-owned liquidity foundation, ensuring the long-term success and viability of the exchange. 

[Swapline] The launch of automated limit orders would have revolutionized trading on Swapline, providing traders with a fee-free and slippage-free trading experience. The automated liquidity management vaults would continue to simplify liquidity management for users, and making liquidity management so easy, everyone can do it. In five years, Swapline would have established itself as a market leader among decentralized exchanges, and its reputation for reliability, security, and innovation would have attracted a large and loyal user base. Overall, Swapline would be a thriving and successful decentralized exchange that provides its users with a seamless and rewarding trading experience. For this vision to become reality our team is giving all their energy, passion and drive into Swapline.

[Surfer Investor] For people who wanna jump in, how to get started? 

[Swapline] If you’re interested in getting started with Swapline, it’s as simple as opening the app on Swapline.com and trying out the features. The DEX is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you should be able to navigate it with ease. However, if it is your first time providing liquidity on a DEX where you can concentrate liquidity, check out our docs:Docs Swapline. The “Quick Start Guide” will give you a good overview of the functionality and features of Swapline and get started. However, if you want to dive deeper into Liquidity Book from a practical knowledge perspective the “Earn” section will even guide you with an overview of different strategies you can apply. However, stay tuned, more explanation tutorials will be added soon. Additionally, if you have any questions or want to engage with the Swapline team or community, you can join our Discord or Telegram. They are great resources for getting answers to any questions you may have and connecting you with other users of the platform.

Many Thanks to 0xJo, core member of the Swapline team, for taking some time to give us more information about your new exciting project. We wish you all the best on Fantom and look forward to seeing your expansion on other blockchains soon, always with the goal of providing more features to the users of your protocol!

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