Fall of Bitcoin: Robert Kiyosaki calls for celebration of the crisis

Entrepreneur Robet Kiyosaki sees Bitcoin’s downfall as great news for the industry and its members. The crisis reverses all the balance of power within the crypto sphere: while the richest count their tokens, the most modest await their hour of glory.

A new opportunity to get rich

Some investors are gloomy, others see the bright side of things and rejoice in the fall of cryptocurrencies. Robert Kiyosaki is one of them, and he sees opportunities.

Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki is frequently questioned by the public for his sound investment strategies, and he constantly has something to say about financial news.
Many Internet users are turning to him in the aftermath of the cryptocurrency crash, and he has a strong opinion on the industry’s future.

Robert Kiyosaki, best known for the publishing of his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which is widely regarded as the Bible for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a fortune, used Twitter to remind his followers of the fundamental ideas of his book. The prominent entrepreneur, a big supporter of cryptocurrencies, sees the drop in Bitcoin’s value as good news because it allows individuals who missed prior milestones to catch up and profit.

Robert Kiyosaki’s twitter post on Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki stands out from the rest of the crypto community that is worried about Bitcoin‘s dramatic fall in value. For him, the ideal scenario would be for the value of the little orange coin to decrease as much as possible in order to maximize profits once the industry recovers.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is still hovering around $30,000 for the time being. Far from drowning in the crypto-tsunami, it appears that the most well-known cryptocurrency has found a means to cling to life.
Robert Kiyosaki may want to reconsider his technique because, at this average price, it will be more difficult for novices to invest and make a fortune with the same efficiency as the entrepreneur claims.

The crypto crisis is overturning power relations within the industry

Robert Kiyosaki forcasted the demise of cryptocurrencies several months ago and prepped his audience for the impending change. He made it obvious, in keeping with his concept of riches, that the crisis would present itself as an opportunity for the poorest to get a piece of the cake.

The collapse of cryptocurrencies is so dramatic that it fundamentally alters the cryptosphere’s structure. Those who have made a name for themselves in the sector are seeing their positions called into question as their fortunes diminish in value. Enthusiasts, on the other hand, patiently wait their turn to affect the price of their preferred currency and generate large sums of money. A phenomenon that has caught the attention of prominent figures in the cryptocurrency sector, such as Changpeng Zhao, who argue for a complete revamp of the cryptosphere.

Despite everything, the experts remain unanimous as to the rebirth of the crypto sphere, which is only undergoing a temporary drop in value. However, when the fall is over and the various communities reorganize around their main assets, we risk seeing the birth of a whole new order in the world of cryptocurrencies since the crisis will have exposed all the flaws in the system.

Later in May on the World Economic Forum being held in Davos, Switzerland, Kiyosaki stated that the world is on the verge of one of the largest financial disasters since World War II.

He also stated that world leaders may adopt desperate steps that could result in war-like scenarios, and that people should begin stockpiling basics such as food, ammunition, and value stores such as Bitcoin and precious metals.

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