Key facts:
> Capital required: no
> Technical skills: no
> Time: 10mins
> Difficulty: Low
> Reward: Low
> Chances of airdrop: High

How to participate in the Havah testnet and maybe receive an airdrop?

First step:

  1. Install the wallet on Chrome by following this link.
  2. Generate a new wallet and save the seed phrase in a safe place. Since you do not have a large number of funds at this address yet, make sure to have it easily reachable with decent security.

Second step:

  • Go to the testnet event webpage.
  • Connect your wallet
Source: Havah Testnet Page.

Third step:

Sign up on havah.io either using a gmail sign in or fill in the form. Then add the email you used to sign in into the verify email field.

Fourth Step:

Claim testnet tokens by clicking “request”

Fifth Step:

Mint a test NFT. I personally like cats and for sure I do not like bears (bear market vibes!!)

It will open a prompt in your wallet. Click “allow”.

Sixth Step:

Bridge your NFT

You will need to allow 2 times. It’s normal.

Seventh Step:

Confirm your participation. By going back to the “event” page.

Eighth step: Confirm participation on Discord.

Go to the discord server of Havah. => https://discord.gg/havahofficial. Link

Post the following elements (havah address, tx ash of the nft bridging, receiving address) on the testnet-verify channel.

Optional step: Use your referral link to send to your budies.

What is HAVAH and how does it work?

HAVAH is a platform that helps you use NFT assets from various networks. It has an interchain NFT transmission protocol (INTP) that lets you manage and use your NFTs, even if they are on different chains, within the HAVAH system.

HAVAH is a Baselayer to bridge NFTs across multiple chains. Source: Havah

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