How does a cryptocurrency increase in value?

The market’s erratic behavior becomes even more astonishing. It brings several investment possibilities, including cryptocurrencies, to the financial table. But it’s the fluctuation in value of these virtual currencies that initially catches people’s attention. This article will assist you in determining the causes behind a cryptocurrency’s quick surge in value. One thing we all know about cryptocurrencies is that they are quite volatile. People who gain millions on a crypto rally frequently make the news. We’ll look at what influences bitcoin prices and how they grow in value in this post.

Summary: How do cryptocurrencies increase in value?

  1. The economic context
  2. The Technology
  3. The Confidence in the currency
  4. The number of users
  5. The penetration rate in the realized economy
  6. The scarcity of the currency (Tokenomics)

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a “virtual method of payment that may be used primarily on the Internet, relying on encryption to protect transactions and the generation of units, and avoiding any supervision from regulators and central banks,” according to the Larousse dictionary. It’s also known as cryptographic money.

In other terms, it is virtual money (i.e., one that is not visible to the naked eye) that is utilized on the internet to conduct various products and service transactions. It is widely used in some locations, such as Salvador in the United States, to pay for purchases and other costs. The growth in its worth in the financial market accounts for its widespread use and popularity. A variety of reasons contributed to this.

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The different processes of appreciation of cryptocurrencies

A cryptocurrency’s appreciation can be justified by three factors. These factors include trust in money, cryptocurrency’s willingness to adapt to the actual economy, and technology.

Investor confidence in the currency

Investors have faith in the currency.

The first factor is the level of confidence that investors have in the currency. A vast number of profitable investments explains the high level of trust. A low degree of confidence, on the other hand, is reflected in the opposite result.

It’s worth noting that the greater the number of users of a virtual currency, the higher its value rises. It circulates more freely as a result of its direct effect. The financial market will be revitalized as a result of this. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that trust is an important component in the appreciation of a digital currency.

Simply count the number of users to evaluate if a cryptocurrency has investor trust. This will assist you in deciding whether or not to invest.

Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a very young and rapidly expanding aspect of the crypto world. Using crypto as a monetary system is not the same as trading. Instead, consumers purchase and trade cryptocurrency, in the same way, they would stock. Purchasing stock offers you ownership of a firm, but purchasing a token provides you ownership of a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency transactions are treated the same as stock trading transactions in the United States. This is similar to how the majority of crypto users generate money.

How do cryptocurrency increase in value. Source: Pexels
How do cryptocurrencies increase in value? Source: Pexels

The crypto monetary system influences the cost of crypto trading in the same way that a company’s share price is influenced by the popularity of its products. The supply, market demand, availability, and rival cryptocurrencies all influence the value of a cryptocurrency.

The adaptation of cryptocurrency to the real economy

The second aspect is the cryptocurrency’s capacity to conduct goods and services transactions, or its preparedness to enter the actual economy. In truth, the simplicity with which it may be used or converted is more likely to appeal to a wide range of economic actors.

To be more specific, it is an issue of virtual currency’s potential to allow its user to obtain things and services that he previously paid for with traditional currencies. Allowing this displays the currency’s desirability on the economic market, which will encourage people to invest in it.

There’s no reason why the value of cryptocurrencies shouldn’t climb now that demand is high and supply is low.

How do cryptocurrencies gain value? 

On exchanges, cryptocurrency can appreciate in value. Its value rises as supply and demand increase.

The supply of a cryptocurrency is determined by the number of new coins created and the number of existing owners ready to sell their coins.

The demand for a cryptocurrency is influenced by a variety of variables. The demand for the coins will rise in proportion to their use. This means that if the cryptocurrency system improves (i.e., faster transactions and lower costs), smart contracts become more widespread, and more companies adopt crypto, the demand for crypto will rise. Additionally, bitcoins are becoming more popular as an investment store of wealth. Do you find Cryptocurrencies too risky? No problem. Have a look at our ETF picking guide.

The technology used for mining

It is a comprehensive technological organization that is in charge of cryptocurrency administration. The genuine worth of virtual money may be determined by evaluating these aspects.

Indeed, if these three factors are backed by cutting-edge technology that makes cryptocurrencies more accessible, the latter will see a rise in value in the turbulent market.


As you may know, the value of a cryptocurrency may fluctuate dramatically depending on a variety of reasons, each of which is unique. For many reasons, the value of a cryptocurrency might both climb and decline significantly.

Despite this, the “market” for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets is still in its infancy. As a result, cryptocurrencies that are worthless and rely on no technology might be valued in the billions of euros even if they are worthless.

As a result, it is preferable to invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies (and in the long term).

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