How to Buy Bitcoin or Crypto-currencies by Credit Card?

There are several methods for purchasing bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card. Indeed, the democratization of digital assets has resulted in the proliferation of a variety of more or less expensive alternatives. Although many service providers allow their customers to buy cryptocurrency with a credit card, they do not all provide the same services. Some are more or less user-friendly than others. TheSurferInvestor presents a quick review in this guide to provide you with a non-exhaustive overview of different purchasing alternatives.

The Advantages of Paying Bitcoins by Credit Card

Why do you want to buy bitcoins by credit card?

Paying for bitcoins using a credit card offers unquestionable benefits, especially if you are new to the crypto-ecosystem and wish to obtain your first bitcoins. This is by far the simplest way to purchase, as it is essentially the same process as purchasing any other e-commerce goods. Buying bitcoins using a credit card has the benefit of being both simple and quick: the coins are sent practically quickly after purchase.

The transaction is safe, especially if your bank employs 3D-Secure payment, which requires identity verification.

The greatest advantage of purchasing bitcoins and cryptocurrency by credit card is the speed of execution. You will be credited with your cryptocurrency in less than 5 minutes. In comparison, if you purchase BTC by SEPA transfer, you will receive them within 3 to 5 business days. The timeframes are longer, and your bank must approve the platform account.

The Disadvantages of Paying Bitcoins by Credit Card

The biggest downside of buying bitcoins with a credit card is that the transaction charges are substantially greater than if you deposit your initial transfer on an exchange platform and make a traditional purchase order. However, such a technique results in a 36-hour wait before the money is sent, whereas bitcoins purchased by credit card are received virtually instantly.

It is important to keep in mind the danger of fraud, that becomes real with this type of purchase, just as it does on any website that sells products or services online. If you want to buy bitcoins with a credit card, you must carefully select the site from which you will purchase them.

But the main disadvantage of buying cryptocurrency using a credit card is that the fees are higher than with a bank transfer. Minimum commissions are around 2%, with other sites offering up to 15% – 20%.

5 steps to buy crypto with a credit card

  • Sign up for free with Binance by entering your information in the required fields.
  • Fill out the questionnaire and click on “Deposit.”
  • When asked how you want to replenish your account, choose Credit Card.
  • You must link your Credit Card account to Binance by simply following the steps outlined.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and the tour is complete!

Global regulation for buying Bitcoin with credit card

When you sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange or broker to purchase or sell cryptocurrency, you must usually verify your identity.

This is due to the fact that cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers must comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) legislation, the requirements of which vary by country. These restrictions are not to be feared; rather, they are designed to prevent money laundering, safeguard your account and identity from theft, and provide you with a secure trading environment.

Most brokers and exchanges utilize KYC, or “Know Your Customer,” to verify a customer’s identity. As a result, you will almost certainly need to present documents to fulfill regulatory standards before you may trade. When recruiting new clients, credit card firms must follow the same standards.

European Union

To prevent money laundering, a variety of tighter financial restrictions have been implemented in Europe in recent years. The European Commission’s action plan, which was announced in May 2020, outlines regulators’ aim to boost enforcement in the EU’s battle against financial crime.

A photo ID and proof of address are the two fundamental papers necessary to comply with the KYC procedure when registering with a cryptocurrency exchange or broker in the EU.


The Money Laundering Regulations 2017 govern KYC and anti-money laundering obligations are also quite strict in the United Kingdom. Companies can get compliance guidance from the European Joint Steering Group on Money Laundering. Purchasing Bitcoins with a credit card is simple for UK residents over the age of 18, and there are various crypto exchanges and brokers that take credit and debit cards.


AUSTRAC supervises financial transactions in Australia and specifies customer identification criteria. Purchasing Bitcoins with a credit card is quite simple, with exchanges and brokers needing to prove that the consumer is who they claim to be. To register and buy Bitcoins using a credit card, you will usually be requested to provide proof of your identification (passport, ID card, driver’s license) and address (water, electricity, gas, telephone bill).

Is it legal to buy crypto with a credit card?

Using a credit card to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, or other cryptocurrencies is feasible, but your credit card provider or the exchange selling the cryptocurrency may prohibit you from doing so. Most major credit card companies in the United States prohibit the purchase of cryptocurrencies, while others charge cardholders fees. However, in most countries, there is no law against buying crypto using a credit card.

Can I buy Ethereum with credit card?

Can you purchase ETH with a credit card? Yes. The Simplex payment solution allows you to buy Ethereum using a credit card via CoinGate in any national currency.

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Can I buy crypto with a Visa gift card?

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies may be purchased using a Visa gift card. To accomplish this, go to your local store that offers Visa gift cards and purchase the amount you want to convert into Bitcoin.

Changelly Literally Changes the Way You Buy Crypto With Your Credit Card

Changelly was founded in 2013 by the team behind the bitcoin mining pool MinerGate. You may exchange cryptocurrencies on this platform, but you can also buy them using a credit card.

The technique for purchasing cryptocurrency with a credit card on Changelly is easy and comparable to the previous solution. You must first input the amount in fiat currency and then pick the cryptocurrency you wish to receive. The site supports over 160 coins, so you should have no trouble finding your bliss.

Buy Crypto with a credit card with Changelly. Source: Changelly
Buy Crypto with a credit card with Changelly. Source: Changelly

Then, enter the address of the wallet where you want to receive your tokens and confirm your identity. On Changelly, the KYC process is really straightforward. As a result, it should be incredibly quick. Complete the purchase after verifying your billing address, email address, and phone number. The transaction is sent after your identification has been verified. Transactions on Changelly are also quick. It will take between 10 and 30 minutes for your cryptocurrency to be transferred to your wallet.

Be cautious, though, because various alternatives outlined in this article are given for the purchase of cryptos by credit card on this platform.

The expenses are thus determined by the solution selected at the time of purchase. They also change in real-time and in accordance to how much money you wish to spend.

It should also be mentioned that Changelly offers a mobile application in addition to its website, so the platform is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This is a significant benefit for mobile cryptocurrency trading., quality service and low prices is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. is offering a possibility to buy cryptocurrencies using credit card. Available digital currencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and Zcash.

The platform accepts Visa and Mastercard, the rates are among the best on the market with 3.5%. Users must have their identity verified to deposit money., helps you to buy crypto with a credit card. Source: CEX.IO, helps you to buy crypto with a credit card. Source: CEX.IO

BitPanda, a legacy provider

Bitpanda was created in Vienna, Austria back in 2014 and it focuses on selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and others. There are a total of eight virtual currencies available for purchase.

BitPanda, a legacy provider to buy crypto by card - Source: BitPanda
BitPanda, a legacy provider to buy crypto by card – Source: BitPanda

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be purchased with a Visa or Mastercard credit card. Verification of Users Identity is required to make a deposit. There is no limit to the amount of money you can withdraw. The interest rate is 1.49 percent, which is the lowest on the market!

Moonpay, a Lunar Solution for Buying Crypto by Credit Card

Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond, two young entrepreneurs, founded Moonpay in 2019. It is currently one of the most well-known and widely utilized tools in the industry. Indeed, many centralized exchanges, such as Bybit or Ascendex, employ it for bank card deposits of fiduciary currencies (fiats). This company’s website also provides a method for acquiring bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies using an autonomous credit card.

Crypto purchases via credit card are often quick with Moonpay. The transaction is done instantly. Once your KYC verification is complete, you will receive your bitcoins (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies. It usually takes no more than 20 minutes. Regulators apply KYC (know your customer) requirements on fiat/crypto purchase and exchange platforms. Indeed, this technique allows for the combat of fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering.

Buy Crypto with a credit card with Moonpay. Source: Moonpay
Buy Crypto with a credit card with Moonpay. Source: Moonpay

In terms of costs, the site charges between 3.5 and 5% for each credit card purchase of cryptocurrency. This is not insignificant, but comfort comes at a cost. This is in addition to the standard network costs of the cryptocurrency you are purchasing.

Moonpay accepts more than 80 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ether (ETH), as well as more than 30 fiat currencies. Furthermore, this solution supports ApplePay and GooglePay, which is quite handy in many situations. As a result, if you are not enrolled on any exchange platform and merely buy cryptos on occasion with no intention of trading, Moonpay might be an excellent option.

Transak, to Facilitate Cryptocurrency Transactions by Credit Card

Transak, like Moonpay, is a way for buying cryptocurrency using an autonomous credit card. This approach, which appeals to many developers due to its simplicity of integration, is thus available on a large number of exchanges. Go to the company’s website if you wish to utilize this method to purchase bitcoin with a credit card. Everything is extremely straightforward here.

As with other platforms, you enter the amount you wish to spend in a chosen currency, and Transak calculates the amount you will get in the appropriate cryptocurrency for you. This solution includes over 90 assets. So there’s a lot to accomplish! You will also be required to validate your identity here (KYC, verification of your address and selfie).

Buy crypto with a credit card with Transak. Source: Transak

On Transak, the processing fees for every credit card transaction in euros are fixed at 3.5 percent, in addition to the regular network fees for the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire. The daily maximum is $14,000 and the minimum buy amount is $30. So you have time to prepare. The processing period is fairly short; you should get your coins in around 5 minutes.

Be Your Bank, Limit Costs and Buy Your Cryptos by Credit Card With Banxa

Banxa was founded in 2014, making it one of the ecosystem’s early adopters. Many centralized exchanges, such as Bybit or KuCoin, make use of it. We will not go into depth about how this solution works because it is the same as the other ones (entry of amounts, identity verification, sending of the transaction). However, while speed and security are goals for Banxa, the processing costs are fairly inexpensive in comparison to others. A 2% processing cost is a significant benefit for large credit card transactions.

Buy crypto with Banxa. Source: Banxa

Other firms, like as Simplex, Mercuryo, Sendwyre, and Cabital, provide credit card payment options for crypto-assets. A huge number of centralized exchanges also employ these services. We don’t look at them in this file because most of them demand registration to use their services. The alternatives described above appear to be a decent starting point for purchasing your cryptos via credit card.

Buy crypto with credit card, summary

You may have noticed that you can buy bitcoins and cryptocurrency using a credit card on a variety of platforms. You now have all of the information you need to select the site that best meets your needs. Always keep an eye out for coups, pishing, and scams… Check out information about the platforms before investing; we cannot guarantee that they will always be functional and ethical. Don’t forget to check the URL from a website while connecting to it, and make sure there are security certificates there. We will never advise you enough to take as many security precautions as possible.

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