How to Find a Job in Web 3?

In the past, I’ve given advice to strangers and friends who wanted to work full-time in the crypto industry; I’ve already written about it in detail. However, because it has been years, I would like to offer you new guidance practices and update my recommendations with recent instances (a viable strategy two years ago may no longer be viable today).

Why are you just getting started or starting a career? Web3 (Alias cryptocurrency – money) Is this a medium-level job? For starters, it will have an impact on practically every industry in the next 20 years. Second, there’s Web3. Allow young people to become experts in this ever-evolving field, without rising the latter for decades (consulting/banking/technical). You can make a major contribution to the organization or a specific area of work to get to the level you require.

Finally, the world’s smartest people join Web3 and leave FANG (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google) companies and join a crypto firm or DAO. You should maximize this effect at the start of your profession since the better you are, the more you will learn.

10 tips to find a job in web3

  • Become an intern for a Dapp or a Centralised exchange (like Binance)
  • Join a DAO and participate (such as DeFiland or Postcard from Paradise)
  • Become an early adopter of new projects and contribute (Cronus Finance)
  • Join a crypto VC or analysis group such as Messari Center
  • Write unique content about crypto
  • Become a pro at Crypto Twitter
  • Use other social media platforms (Instagram / TikTok / Youtube)
  • Move to a cryptocurrency city regardless in which continent
  • Provide help to projects
  • Have fun

Some tips about Web3

There are only two types of advice: advice given because it was beneficial to the giver, and humble and ever-present advice learned from regret. Both are important, but you shouldn’t just replicate the first.

Although this applies to many people, my advice is based on what has worked for me and what hasn’t. My advice is for people who have little or no work experience, such as university students or people who have worked for a few years and wish to change fields.

Consider this proposal a menu; select a few alternatives that you believe you’ll enjoy and make a vow to them. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated.

Become an intern

An internship is the quickest way to see if you enjoy a particular field. If you are a student at any level and have the opportunity to intern, I strongly advise you to take advantage of it. This may be the ideal option for students who wish to learn about the crypto industry and obtain some experience. During the MBA program, An internship with a local Bitcoin exchange is a fantastic way to get started. Immerse yourself in the Bitcoin space and get your feet wet.

DAO Membership

DAO, Social DAOs, DAO Agreement, NFT DAO/Community Gate Control, and Investment DAO are some of the DAOs that contributors can join. But hold on a second!

Forming a community around a community event or activity using the Social DAO – mostly exclusivity DAO – Was the first to join DAO in order to create connections and learn how the platform operates. These DAOs include communities in specific areas, such as the ATX DAONFT. Friends with Benefits and a gated community.

Join a DAO might be a good approach to earn initial experience and create a reputation if you have a special understanding or enthusiasm for a particular product or pairing. Sushi, Rarible, CoopIndex, and Yearn are one of the many DAOs. These include a variety of working groups that appeal to a wide range of individuals. Demonstrate your ability to DAO. It’s a fantastic method to provide value. 1) Gain experience and demonstrate that you can / Add Value to the DAO, including through your DAO community. 2) Prioritize high-quality contributions over low-value contributions. Do not join more than 2-3 DAO at once or you will be too diluted. 

DAOs want to work with those who persevere, instead of those who jump to the top from DAO to DAO.

Become an early adopter

In retrospect, becoming an early adopter is simple, but it requires taking risks. These hazards include the expense of trial and error in terms of time and attention. Keeping up to date with the crypto industry, as well as deploying new apps or protocols, is expensive and frequently comes with the danger of data loss. It is sometimes necessary to insert it. for the sake of convenience YFI or Loot. You must spend money on farming or trades that may or may not guarantee an airdrop. 

Fortunately, as Rabbithole does it. DAO Educates The Next Generation Of Crypto Users, Incentivizes Them To Use The Protocol, And Allows Them To Complete Tasks In Exchange For XP. Rabbithold was successful in increasing Polygon’s adoption rate of similar protocols, as well as ensuring that all ENS may receive ENS Airdrop. While not all returns are spectacular, a number of them have already yielded substantial profits.

Early adopters are frequently the finest prospects for early employment, even more so than airdropping, because they have become the most involved members of the project or community. Founders also want to hire people who are passionate about their mission. Early adopters who have already contributed to the project in their own time are in a lot better position than mercenaries looking for the best pay. A desire for unpaid employment means someone who is enthusiastic about crypto.

A good way to be an early adopter is also to invest in Web3

Membership Messari Centre

Membership in the Messari Hub often to get solid experience. Make a resume in an encrypted environment, this is a fantastic way to get paid and interact. Messari crypto-asset profiles Analyst Program was my contribution to the original. Ryan Selkis (Ryan Selkis) Analysts were initially contacted. This is just what I needed., A place to begin, to engage in, and learn as much as possible. I created asset profiles for crypto such as Osmosis. I just had a hazy understanding of ERC20 Tokens, No 2 Layer Status Channel, and so on. When you surround yourself with amazing people—for example, a mentor or another Messari Hub Analyst—their knowledge and expertise will trickle to others.

Messari is a good option for individuals. It was really beneficial to me at the outset of my career, not just in terms of experience, but also in terms of status. People will listen to you if you have an Ivy League or McKinsey on your resume, or if you have worked for Goldman Sachs or [insert your favorite company] Time. People don’t care about your education in the subject of cryptography (Messari). It makes no difference.

More interestingly, I see a lot of Messari Hub Analysts working full-time in the crypto area, because they utilize their platform (Messari Platform)time. To draw the proper people’s attention.


Nick Carter, Chris Burniske, Ryan Selkis, Derek Hsue, Phil Bonello, Ryan Watkins, and Kyle Samani entered the domain name of crypto after they began blogging about blockchain subjects, most of which were linked to investing or research. Your ability to write is one of the most valuable skills you can have. It’s difficult not just to generate good content, but also to get the confidence to voice your viewpoint. Having said that, anyone can be a writer. Never tell yourself otherwise. Most never imagined themselves as a writer.

Writing is an incredible skill and the more you understand Web3, the more you will understand how Web3 companies make money

A simple article:

  • Summarise the article of someone else. People don’t wanna read long texts.
  • Domain Expertise: Examining concepts in a particular domain, Fluid Mining, NFT, Smart Contract, Stable Currency, Digital Art, Defi Aggregation, Metacosmic Ecosystems, etc..
  • Education. You have done something, Show others how to do! Defi Dad Add his pair to Defi User’s enthusiasm translated into Defi Wallet (Zapper) Work, Then in the field of venture capital (Fourth Revolution Capital ). DeFi Not interested, that’s right. NFT.  Demonstration of a new blockchain or mass application.
  • Quick and timely information Darren Lau The Daily Ape News Bulletin Provides a list of important and timely events.


Here’s where you may show off your skills. CryptoTwitter refers to the crypto community on Twitter. People who are interested in participating or issues related to it. Twitter is used by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of crypto. Create your own brand. For example, Pomp, Ryan Meltem, Dimirros, Arianna Simpson, Sean Adams, Meltem Dimirros, Arianna Simpson, Sean Adams, Meltem Dimirros, A Nic Carter, Ari David, Paul Hasu, Tom Shaughnessy, Jason Choi, Ryan Watkins, Ari. Make sure you’re not a troll or a liar.

Tips on Twitter:

  • Create a week for your favorite Space Twitter theme.
  • Synthesis of important events Or High level of Podcast listening.
  • Tagging relevant people or businesses in threads makes it easier to distribute. But don’t tag people when they aren’t clearly linked in the thread or picture – It’s a quick fix. Don’t score, damn it. Elon Or SBF, That’s a long shot. They don’t care about you. It’s a mark of 10k-100k people who follow, they are more likely to forward or like your message.
  • Shitposting And meme – CMS Interns With interesting creative videos and memes (Memes. Building a brand. Other trainee accounts have attempted to replicate this point with some success but without the same effort.
  • Hold on. – You must tweet at least once a day, it’s like playing a game.
  • Be creative. Or at least come up with your own ideas on existing ideas.

You’ll start with no followers, and getting to 1,000 is the most difficult aspect., 10K is always a challenge. From there, things get a lot easier. Twitter The final criterion is to be reasonable. People prefer to focus on a genuine person rather than a robot.

Find a job in Web3 – Start a twitter crypto handle – Source. Pexels
Find a job in Web3 – Start a twitter crypto handle – Source. Pexels

Use other social media platforms

Although Twitter has the most powerful crypto community, you may discover your favorite media on Instagram, Reddit, Periscope, TikTok, or any other social media network. The majority of individuals can only do it on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, or TikTok. Wait for success in a few mediums before using the one that feels most genuine. I also strongly advise you to use new social networking networks, such as TikTok or Twitter Spaces. If you’re watching a channel and thinking to yourself, “Wow!, that’s rubbish. I can do better,” you might be right. In general, the most important thing is to experiment with new media.

Start YouTube Channels or Podcasts

You may not be a master of words, but you are a master of videography, especially live. Create a Youtube channel or some tutorial videos; YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Make use of it.

The Crypto Talk Podcast is now available for download.

Meltem Demirors and Jill Carlson There’s a Fantastic Podcast. Tony Sheng is a Chinese-American businessman. I tried an intriguing podcast (which I’m still waiting for the next season of). McCormack, Peter What was bitcoin’s impact? Here we go, Nathaniel Whitmore (Nathaniel Whittemore). He organized the topic on Sunday, and now I have a successful podcast/live.

Here are some tips on how to launch a crypto Youtube or Podcast channel

  • Damn!, don’t just think of podcasts as interviews. X Folks, this is an old-fashioned format. 
  • Consider live podcasts for greater authenticity and timeliness.
  • Make your podcast a story. Or something different.

Join the Party activities and Clubs

If your neighborhood is buzzing with blockchain activity, I recommend attending a community party or event; most are free. Here are a few areas where you can find activities: Meetup and Eventbrite are two websites where you may find out about upcoming events. For students, please contact your school’s Blockchain Club or start one of your own! I do not advocate attending the meeting if you are looking for work. Because, unless you are a natural networker, meeting tickets do not provide a decent return on investment (Let’s be honest., if you are, you might get employed). 

Moving to a Cryptocurrency City

We are all, in essence, environmental products. Everyone understands that if you want to be successful in science and technology, you should consider living in an area where innovation occurs. I’m not suggesting you relocate to a major tech hub like New York or San Francisco, but if you already reside there, you should make the most of it. Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, and Seattle are among the other emerging tech cities in the United States. You have more options if you’re willing to take chances abroad. Berlin, Shanghai, or Singapore are all fantastic areas to gain an advantage.

You can move to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and Voila if it’s in China.

In the five cities with the most technologists, crypto knowledge flows the fastest, and you can learn the latest technology faster.

I’m going to give you a heads up. The importance of stating your residence diminishes. Although most crypto companies prioritize remote work, if you’re young, I usually encourage meeting individuals in person to solidify those bonds. You’ve developed connections with your Zoom coworkers on Tuesday afternoons, at the office, or while drinking. It’s less difficult. In a remote priority environment, it is still possible to create a decent connection, but it will take more work.

Enjoy Your Advantage

People with some work experience should use it. If you have skills, Including:

Analyst, CPA, CFA, Lawyer, A Fearless Public Speaker, Writing skills, Personal Assistant, Process, Design, Knowledge of economics

If you have any of these abilities, you will have an advantage over many others in the field of cryptography. Use your time as a student or a young person to learn new skills or experiences.

Provide your help

It’s not the same as saying, “Let me know what I can do.” It’s as if you were a Venture Capitalist (VC) or an Imitation VC. Identical account. The encrypted world is small in comparison to any other industry. You can use Twitter to do so. Interaction with others E-mail can be used to contact us to a lesser extent. Contacting the CEO of a venture capital firm or the CEO of your favorite cryptocurrency company is not a good idea. They’re unlikely to respond. Find someone who is new to the industry and will approach you as a young professional since they may have more time. There are quite a few of them. Article on How to Contact People by, So, except from finding a way to give value, I won’t say much.

Some examples:

  • People are always on the lookout for something; assist them in locating the information they require.
  • News, information, data, personnel planning, educational resources, and so on.
  • Create a local network in your area.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and consider——people don’t always tell you what they want/need? What distinctive abilities and attributes do you have to offer?

Find a crypto partner

ETH There are friends, and you should make them. , Find a friend who shares your enthusiasm. Collaborate on any of the following themes. No one can reach the summit alone, and if they do, they will feel alone. Ryan David Hoffman and Sean Adams It’s a machine that uses a lot of oil. Hasu. One of the top crypto researchers——Writes collaboratively frequently.

>> Why not join the Artieverse DAO <<

How to find a job

A simple approach

Fuck the internet when you’re alone. Yes, it is correct. Trying to reach out to people is the greatest approach to locating a job. Participating in social activities or online dating might be beneficial in ways you may not realize. People, in the end, want to collaborate with their friends.

A difficult approach

The finest piece of advice I can give you is to stand out and target your audience; the quality of requests you send is more essential than the quantity.

Approximately 100 Sending the same cover letter or job application to a few companies can earn you a job, but if there are only a few companies you want to work for, you’ll have to work hard to get that job.

My final piece of advice for developing an app is to think differently about villains. Here are some suggestions:

  • Designing a logo to visually express anything, use a diagram or video.
  • Create a great project or take an existing one and make it slightly different (#defi index DeepDAOWait..
  • Outperforms emerging trends such as social tokens.
  • Create a website or newsletter with useful information, such as information about the New NFT drop or a schedule of meetings for each open-source crypto project. It’s value-added when you can save time or energy.
  • Write/Tweet about your findings on a blockchain-related super-specialized issue. It shouldn’t be superficial, but it also doesn’t need to be revolutionary. Simply tweet /Write/. Please provide your version as well as any further remarks.
  • Write. Excellent encryption products and protocols are explained in this discussion.

People that accomplish cool things on their own are valued by employers. Consider yourself fortunate if you are still a student or have only been out of school for a year or two. You’ll probably have less commitment and more time, or you can use your time more wisely, to grow your brand and implement the suggestions above.

Notes on CVs

Make your CV unique once more. If you don’t know how to write a CV or want to start from fresh, Harvard University can help. There is a lot of free material available. Also, be inventive with your resume— Make a concept page—or at the very least, include some gorgeous templates. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with people. ——The Mind of a Lizard—— They are born with vivid colors, graphics, and photographs.

Importantly, whenever possible, use data and measurements. Even if it merely shows your monthly social media growth or your best blog article or your newsletter subscriber or something equally impressive.

Furthermore, no one will read the entirety of your résumé. They want highlights relevant experience and a link to your main channels (e.g., Github, Twitter, TikTok, etc.). There are some links to.

These are important resources for finding a job:

  • Without a doubt, one of the best venues to locate a position in a crypto firm is AngelList.
  • Job Opportunities in Cryptocurrency – There is also a list of job opportunities that are suitable for job seekers.
  • CryptoJobsList is a fantastic job board.
  • Jobs in cryptocurrency
  • Pomp Portfolio Companies Membership – Crypto Jobs
  • For the more advanced/technical roles, proof of talent is required.
  • Linkedin – LinkedIn is a professional networking site. The study of cryptocurrencies and blockchains is getting more popular.
  • Web3 jobs – Web3 is a term that refers to a group of websites that It’s quite hot right now.
  • Newsletter. Subscribe to your favorite company’s newsletters. They frequently make announcements about fresh employment openings or possibilities.
  • All of the VCs in the MostVC network offers job openings for their portfolio companies: For instance, Pantera, ConsenSys Labs, and ParadigmWait

Final Recommendations

Overcoming social or inferiority fears You may not feel qualified to apply at times. You’ll be hesitant to share your thoughts or tweets in public. Regardless, do it. You’re about to do something bad, but it doesn’t matter to you., You have the power to influence their opinions. Apply for the job you want with courage.

Last but not least

Work hard, be modest, and live a happy life. I wish you fantastic passive income from your Web3 career.

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude. Messari allows me to work in a field that I am passionate about. Everywhere you look, there are amazing people. Furthermore, thank you very much. Crypto Twitter, The majority of you are fantastic.

  • Open an account on Binance today >> Click here

We wish you all the best in your life as a cryptocurrency, stocks, or ETF investor. We also hope that you enjoy our Lifestyle section. Please keep in mind that I am no financial advisor and none of the above is guaranteed to be correct. I create the content above for education purposes only. Cryptocurrency investments are subject to high market risk. Surfer Investor is not responsible for your trading losses. The opinions and statements made above should not be construed as financial advice. All the best –

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