Affyn – A Play to earn & Metaverse Gem

Affyn, located in Singapore, has created a blockchain-powered Metaverse project that includes a free-to-play, play-to-earn mobile game. The platform intends to create an immersive gaming experience by combining the excellent advantages of augmented reality with geolocation. FYN, Affyn’s native token, provides value in both the virtual and physical worlds. With the FYN token, gamers may engage in events, buy, sell, and exchange NFTs, and buy and lease properties in-game. Meanwhile, Affyn’s native token may be used to pay for travel, retail, and lifestyle items in the real world.

A sustainable vision

The goal of Affyn from the outset has been to build a long-lasting Play-to-Earn Metaverse. Affyn is establishing a lifestyle that is more than simply a game, which emphasizes the need of developing a sustainable economy in the Affyn’s metaverse.

Many questioned the team about the necessity of a sustainable economy in the Play-to-Earn category at the previous AMA in November 2021.

A Real World usage

The Affyn token with a real-world usage to create buying pressure. Source: Affyn

The Nexus world

A mobile Metaverse featuring a real-world-mapped digital overlay where users may explore, play, and participate in activities based on their geolocation. NEXUS land is a virtual depiction of real estate that is mapped according to the actual world. A hexagon represents each land. There will be campaigns and activities in NEXUS, such as NEXUS characters, also known as Buddies, being put in a shopping center for users to hunt down using the augmented reality lens. In NEXUS, users can construct constructions on their property. In the virtual world, these structures are digital representations of property. A NEXUS structure has a unique set of features and is available for purchase on the market.


Each Buddy is a Non-Fungible Token with its unique set of characteristics and capabilities. Buddies’ attributes can increase through time, while traits provide benefits and drawbacks over other Buddies. Buddies can be taught to engage in quests, raids, PVP, and user-created activities, as well as assigned to tasks. They can also be gathered as a group.

Nexus Land

Each land is a Non-Fungible Token that may be traded and purchased by other users. Owners have complete control over their land development in order to generate cash, construct structures, lease to other players, and conduct campaigns, events, and activities.

A sustainable economy

It is critical to establish a healthy game economy; else, the entire system would collapse. At Affyn, the team thinks long-term; they want the project to remain around for as long as possible so that consumers may continue to enjoy the NEXUS universe.

Most Play-to-Earn games haven’t given much attention to the long-term element of Play-to-Earn games, and Affyn wants to do it differently.

With the (FYN) tokens, the team is developing a closed-loop system with value in both the virtual and real worlds. The goal is for gamers to be able to participate and earn for an extended length of time.

Incentivized Merchants

By enabling partner merchants to access the limitless spending power of the community they help us grow. This method is more inclusive and collaborative. Not only existing Affyn customers are brought to merchants but they are also rewarded to bring in non-users to help us develop the Affyn community.

Lifestyle economic flow of a Sustainable Economy in the Nexus Land. Source: Affyn

An incredible team

The Affyn Team is one of the best teams I ever witnessed. All the crucial areas are covered for a bulletproof execution. And this is what the community witnesses. Great and professional communication, tokenomics are thought through, and a constant track record of delivering what is promised. Really impressive.

An impressive cap table

A lot of big names trust the Affyn Team. which is a sign of quality. Source: Affyn

A sustainable buying pressure

What’s the sense of having tokens if they can’t be utilized in the real world? And if everyone cashes out, who’s purchasing all these tokens? It’s a landslide to failure when there’s no buying.

Some initiatives propose that the corporation distribute more tokens; will this fix the problem? Regrettably, no.

Allowing the corporation to continue creating tokens is not viable. Furthermore, it will ultimately reach a point when the value is low and the rewards are modest, causing the game to lose its charm. Affyn wants to break the cycle.

What makes Affyn different?

  • Play-to-Earn that’s Free To Play
  • Sustainable Game Economy
  • Mobile Geolocation-Based
  • Real World Token Utility

Multiple high levels partnerships

>> Soundlt

SoundIt is dedicated to upending the audio value chain by developing a full-stack and layered economic model built on web3.0 primitives to enable modern Creators and Fans who flourish in the ownership and creative economy age.

Partnership Affyn and Soundit. Source: Soundit.

β€œIt’s not only the strong core web3.0 concepts on which the pillars of Affyn are built on, that makes us at SoundIt very excited to have all of our creators help make the Affyn metaverse audible; they also share the same will to deeply look after the community and use their feedback to improve the product in order to build long-term scalability and trust, which falls in-line with our philosophy and practices here at SoundIt.” β€” Eriz Zarate, CEO, SoundIt. Source: Medium

>> Supra Oracles

SupraOracles attempts to bridge the gap between traditional capital markets and the web3 environment. Their goal is to give the developer community with a breakthrough Oracle toolset that will enable them to effortlessly build, deploy, and manage data applications with greater performance, robustness, and agility.

Experts in consensus mechanism design, randomness research, real-time data services, investment banking, digital securities, traditional stock exchanges, big data, Ph.D. academics, big 4 consulting, blockchain/DLT, and DeFi make up their team. SupraOracles aspires to solve the Oracle problem and eventually power the future of finance with the assistance of the developer community and an expanding number of partners.

SupraOracles provide a next-generation cross-chain oracle solution to improve the performance of your smart contracts and blockchain apps. After more than five years of research and hundreds of hours of R&D and simulations, the unique technical discovery helps solve the Oracle Dilemma while enhancing overall performance.

  • Better Decentralization: Forget about single-source APIs that are simple to exploit and manipulate. SupraOracles strike an agreement with several decentralized suppliers.
  • Better Scalability: Forget about price fluctuations and slippage. We’ve practically eliminated data delays and latency, allowing you to get faster and better data.
  • Better Speed: Forget about price fluctuations and slippage. We’ve practically eliminated data delays and latency, allowing you to get faster and better data.
  • Better Finality: Many oracles measure completion time in minutes. SupraOracles can give on-chain update rates of 3-5 seconds with full finality.
  • Better Interoperability: Supra’s algorithmic multi-currency treasury enables near-zero slippage cross-chain swaps.
Partnership Affyn and Supra Oracles. Source: Supra Oracles.
Supra Oracles. Finality in Seconds, not minutes. Source: Supra Oracle

Oracles on the blockchain are services that connect blockchain smart contracts to real-world data. Because blockchains are often closed systems, acquiring and ingesting data requires extra layers of the infrastructure. Most smart contracts require external, real-world data to function, such as the current bitcoin price for an exchange contract or the outcome of a certain real-world event for a betting site.

Oracles on the blockchain can be either centralized or decentralized. Centralized oracles are run by a single entity and rely on a single data source for information. Decentralized oracles, on the other hand, employ many, independent data sources that do not coordinate with one another. This is great for smart contracts that require faster and more precise data.

>> InvestDex

InvestDex’s goal is to make crypto trading simple while also providing consumers with outstanding workflow organizing features. InvestDex adapted typical task management tools designed exclusively for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi arena and created a platform with the purpose of achieving each user’s unique cryptocurrency success story. Users may see, manage, and organize their Interactive Calendar, which includes tools for adding risk strategies, milestones, and significant dates. There are additional necessary tools like a pair explorer, vesting scheduler, wallet tracker, whale watcher, and new Token listings, among others.

Partnership InvestDex & Affyn. Source:
InvestDex is a new way to manage your crypto investments. Source:

>> The Wine Company

The Wine Company is thrilled to announce a collaboration with The Wine Company, Singapore’s pioneer F&B shop that has earned an unrivaled reputation over the decades for providing value-for-money and high-quality options.

Ling Ling by The Wine Company is Singapore’s go-to place for wine and gourmet experiences for any budget. Their ideology is straightforward yet sincere. Their food is vibrant and alive. Their South African wines are chosen from the vineyards. They will go above and above, whether it’s for dine-in, retail, or gifting.

β€œAlmost 2 decades ago, The Wine Company discovered the Dempsey world and was the seed that grew Dempsey to one of Singapore’s premier lifestyle hubs. With this same pioneering insight, The Wine Company is very excited to forge this partnership with Affyn, and together, both entities will connect the metaverse world to the real world.” β€” The Wine Company

A great community

The Affyn’s Discord is a great place to be. There is a real nice atmosphere and people who are in the Discord clearly talk about the game all the time and not about the price. Which is always a good sign.

Beware New York Times, the Affyn Times is wining market shares! Source: Affyn Discord

Getting ready for the Gen Zero

Affyn project analysis and summary

  • Multiples partnerships
  • A Great community
  • A sustainable economy
  • A fantastic team
  • Real-world usage

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