Legends of Crypto: The pinnacle of NFT card games

While the DeFi frenzy appears to be fading, NFTs continue to get interest. Indeed, the format’s numerous applications provide it with immense adoption potential: art collection, games, time capsules, Defi…

LegendsOfCrypto is an NFTs card game project that uses cryptography industry codes and tutelary figures. It has enjoyed amazing progress since its introduction, riding on the enthusiasm of the crypto community for the new “play to earn” trend. When the Alpha Launch was announced, it was time for an update.

Locgame at the Heart of Its Ecosystem

The game is created by RBL Labs, a Dutch firm that clearly demonstrates its desire to cross the gap between gaming, art, and DeFi. Thus, LOCGame has given itself the goal of being the first decentralized NFT card game in terms of user count, as well as having its token, the $LOCG, priced such that it meets the minimum capitalization of $1 billion (at the time of writing, for $12 million).

The LOCGame team has launched their NFT card game project full speed ahead in the race for adoption – Source: LOCGame

Whether realistic or not, the team works hard and communicates often with its community about its progress. Overall work, which lately included new key alliances, but also the interface, marketplace, and game dynamics, is now official: the Alpha version will be available on November 30, 2021.

Become the Alpha of Legends

Thus, if you have the soul of an explorer, an appointment is offered to alpha-testers on the company’s Twitter from November 15 to submit an application. This initial step of testing will allow the idea to be rubbed on the following registers:

  • Base game (v2)
  • Native user interface
  • predefined game deck
  • Random Matches
  • Player profile
  • Account management
The alpha-testers of the NFT game will be able to rub shoulders with a reworked interface for the occasion – Source: LOCGame

The first step for “systemic” stability testing that will quickly evolve into a v2 that will be much more complete, according to the team’s ambitious roadmap, with the implementation of the marketplace dedicated to NFTs, as well as the updating of the game rules, first basic tournaments, and tutorials.

Rich and Dynamic Game Mechanics

Players compete head to head on a board of 9 squares by playing LOCGame. A gaming deck consists of 20 cards selected by each player, including 10 commons, 6 uncommon, 3 rare, and 1 legendary card. The game begins with three cards in hand. The cards are deliberately positioned in turn to inflict harm on opponent cards in an attempt to remove them. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

The games are 1v1 in nature. Only one player will emerge triumphant and get the $LOCG prize.

The game’s key feature, the NFT cards, all depict a renowned individual or an iconic character in the crypto sector. A few names have already been revealed: Satoshi Nakamoto, obviously, but also Changpeng Zhao, popularly known as “CZ,” the witty CEO of the Binance platform. There are also well-known profiles like “Whales,” “Hodlers,” “Traders,” and so on…

Each card has its unique set of qualities. Strengths and disadvantages are based on factors valued within the crypto community and rated on a scale of 1 to 100: innovation, influence, dev-skills, wealth, community power or network, and overall effect.

At the moment, three game modes are known:

  • Free games: These games are available to everyone and pit you against the AI using cards that are randomly supplied to you. Playing this mode can help you become acquainted with the LOCGame universe. It also enables you to earn badges, receive cash prizes in $LOCG, and gain access to exclusive NFTs.
  • Prize pool games: In these games, players compete for prizes paid in $LOCG. To participate, individuals must build their decks by pulling from a pool of cards in exchange for a small charge of $LOCG. The winner receives the whole reward fund.
  • Tournaments: Every month, competitions will be held in which participants may compete for $LOCG cards and tokens placed into play by the platform. Once again, blockchain technologies will be employed to build decks via pools, widening the range of possibilities for the most daring plans.

Play-to-earn and Defi component

All players will receive native $LOCG tokens for the hours spent playing. A true play-to-earn incentive with changing geometry, as the most worthy and diligent players will also be given the opportunity to obtain random NFTs from the platform.

Legends of Crypto has also developed its reputation through extremely profitable $LOCG and NFT reward programs.

To give a better user experience and to allow the game to adopt a decentralized autonomous governance (DAO) model, LegendsOfCrypto’s protocol depends on the Ethereum blockchain and the second layer Polygon solution. An architecture that allows for the issuance of quick and low-cost transactions.

This collaboration with Polygon also means that, in addition to the fun component, $LOCG holders will have access to the full Defi experience:

  • Staking: Stake $LOCG coins in pools. As a consequence, $LOCG returns and access to original NFT airdrops are available.
  • Rewards: The more you play, the more $LOCG you will earn.
  • Cashback: When you buy NFT cards and games from the LegendsOfCrypto Marketplace, you get $LOCG cashback.
  • $LOCG holders will have the ability to recommend modifications to the game, request new features and map editions, and even be nominated to the DAO LOC Council.
  • Modify the following characteristics in the rarest NFTs: The $LOCG token will enable the addition or modification of specified features.
  • Payment: Using $LOCG provides you discounts on NFT cards, decks, boost factor, and other items.
NFT card decks will be available for purchase using the $LOCG token – Source: LOCG

As you may have guessed, the native token $LOCG serves as the foundation of this fledgling ecosystem. At the moment, little more than 30% of the supply has been issued, dispersed this year through an airdrop with Coinmarketcap, as well as the successful Strong Holder Offering (SHO) in April. $LOCG is now trading for approximately $0.25 on exchanges including Uniswap, KuCoin, Gate.io, and Hotbit.

An Engaged Community and Strategic Partnerships

As you can see, the Legends Of Crypto project is an ingenious hybrid of a strategic game and collecting NFT cards. LOCGame continually enhances its ecosystem with notable collaborations in order to pique the public’s interest. In this regard, the firm is pleased to announce its collaboration with K-pop sensation DJ SODA. A card will be designed just for her and added to the coveted “celebrities deck” available for purchase on the NFT ProjectX platform.

“I am extremely excited to work closely with the LOCGame team to bring my own personality and character to one of their maps. Being part of their metaverse will be an important first step, not only to get me started in cryptocurrency but also to get my fans to follow me. I can’t wait to launch this amazing partnership with LOCGame and build my new NFT! »


According to Crypto Differ’s Galaxy Score, the project’s community of internet users was one of the 15 most active in the crypto ecosystem in September. This attests to the excitement around LOCGame, which may be explained in part by the incentive mechanisms put in place to participate in the future game, as well as the team’s declared goal to heavily reward its community.

Today, while the project has just been selected to join the prestigious Metaverse All-Star staking pool on KuCoin alongside industry heavyweights such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Enjin…, the latest news has just arrived: a major partnership with Blockchain Cuties Universe has just been signed!

A “cross-NFT” partnership aimed at removing the barriers between gaming worlds and networks.

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