Not to miss on Solana: DeFiLand

Do you like farming? Do you like gaming? Then have a look at Defi Land.


What is DeFi Land on Solana?

DeFi Land is a one-of-a-kind multi-chain farm simulation game that was designed to gamify all facets of decentralized finance. The main goal of the game is to make it easier and simpler for people to participate in the exciting world of DeFi and crypto while also having fun.

DeFi Land has all of the functionality of traditional platforms, yet everything is in one spot. Players may begin playing for free, work their way up to the Play and Earn tier (or just purchase a Gen-0 NFT), compete with other players, craft, trade, and delve into DeFi in a fun and interesting way.

DeFi Land’s Play and Earn approach allows players to earn money by completing tasks or hitting specified milestones. DeFi Land provides something for everyone, whether you’re searching for something laid-back and enjoyable or something energetic and adventurous.

The DeFi Land Beta

At the first time of writing this guide on DeFiland, the project was in the Beta testing phase. And only some whitelisted individuals could try out the beta. The graphics look incredible and we start to see some great videos from people who were lucky enough to get into the beta testing.

Initial testing tutorial video.

The beautiful thing about DefiLand is that, unlike other protocols, they are not establishing a closed ecology for their game. They didn’t want to develop a new environment; instead, they wanted to speed up, gamify, and improve current ones. Users will be able to use well-known AMMs/DEXs/Lending protocols through DeFi Land because it will be built on top of current platforms. When a player tries Yield Farming in the game, for example, they will be employing various pools and staking platforms via the interface. Every asset in DeFi Land will be a currency. In the DeFi Land case, SOL stands for Sunflower, USDC for Corn, and COPE for Pumpkin.

Their Discord is incredibly active. It seems that people really have fun testing the game. In a world where

The Roadmap of the project is also very ambitious. You can follow it here. To me the roadmap visibility is one of the most important item of a project.

Impressive investors onboard

How safe is DeFi Land?

There is no 100% risk-free project in crypto. You know it, we know it. However, with the fundraising that DeFiLand closed, they had enough runway to stay alive for a couple of years and keep building. DeFi Land, a blockchain gamification platform, has raised $4.1 million in funding to develop a new decentralized finance game on Solana, showing the SOL ecosystem’s growing importance. Over 40 investors took part in the round, including some of the most well-known names in the blockchain venture capital industry. Among the primary investors were Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, Jump Capital, NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation, and

DeFi Land combines “two of the most intriguing things happening in crypto right now — gaming and DeFi,” according to Brian Lee, a senior executive at Alameda Research. Casual gamers and crypto users will be more likely to access the decentralized finance sector for the first time as a result of this.

As usual – this is not financial and do your own research. I am a crypto beginner so you should always double-check everything I saw.

What is the DFL token?

$DFL is governance and staking currency with several applications in the ecosystem. $DFL will be the game’s dominant money, granting users the ability to manufacture, upgrade, and enhance. This will allow you to make the most of your earning potential in DeFi Land. The project will utilize $DFL to trade in the in-house NFT marketplace without incurring any additional transaction costs.

DFL offers staking and governance utility in addition to in-game aspects. Stakeholders of $DFL will be given priority access to whitelists according on their weight in the staking pool, and long-term investors can receive community NFTs. Revenue earned by the DeFi Land Treasury will eventually be transferred to our stakeholders. Finally, $DFL will be utilized to regulate the project’s governance. The goal is to have the DFL players have a say in how the game evolves.

Do you remember Pacman?

The DeFi Land team doesn’t want their users to be bored while they wait for loading time. So they incorporated a Pacman game during the loading time. This is a really nice touch I must say.

A super nice touch. Play Pacman while waiting for loading. Love it. Source: DeFiland

What wallets are compatible with DeFi Land?

If you are a Solana native, you will not have any issue finding a wallet you use that is compatible with DeFi Land. However, if you are an Ethereum native, you might need a bit of help finding the right Solana Wallet for you. Here are the wallets you can use on DeFi Land:

  • Phantom (my favorite)
  • Solflare
  • Slope
  • Sollet (more fore the OGs and the Solana builders)
  • Web3 Auth
  • Coin 98
  • Ledger
  • Exodus
What wallets are compatible with DeFi Land? Source: DeFi Land

What is the DeFi Land Edit Mode?

In the Edit mode, users have the chance to customize their land to make their community feel at home. They can build structures, farms, equipment, and pets anywhere they wish on their farm. When the village is complete, the user can give their wallet address to their friends. They will be able to send each other encrypted messages to their inboxes. The project also offers community contests where players can enter other players’ towns for a chance to win unique tokens and NFT.

Build your farm using the Edit Mode. Source: DeFi Land.

DeFi Land gaming – Harvest, Shoot and Fish

If you want to live the life of a real farmer, you can have a look at the games of the DeFi land Project. Harvesting, Shooting, and Fishing. I personally do not find those games too funny, but I am above 30 years old, so I am probably not exactly the target audience.

However, those games allow users to gain XP that allows them, later on, to buy better NFTs to earn more XP.

Can I stake my DFL tokens?

Yes, it is possible to Stake your DFL tokens. More information directly on their Medium

To conclude, I am considering investing in DFL. The token price seems to have found a bottom despite the high emissions, the team keeps building, and there is a solid community behind the project. However, what still makes me scared is the high emissions as well as the fact that I do not find the game too appealing. Of course this is only my opinion and nothing here is financial advice.

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