[Project analysis] bloXmove a Blockchain mobility play?

We all experienced it, when we are abroad, and our favorite mobility apps are not available. Classic. For example, we use VOI to rent E-Scooters in Germany but need to download Lime in Paris. bloXmove is attempting to solve this problem with Blockchain. Let’s dive in.

What is bloXmove?

Power and transportation are decentralized and decarbonized through bloXmove. bloXmove simplifies important cross-company interactions between mobility and energy providers using a distributed layer-2 protocol. Instead of aggregation, a new collaborative manner of Business Alliances becomes feasible, with no integration discomfort. Bloxmove promotes CO2 neutrality and employs blockchain technology that is environmentally friendly.

bloXmove is a web3 solution provider dedicated to establishing a global decentralized and collaborative mobility alliance with an efficient green energy reality. bloXmove integrates cutting-edge technology with industrial solutions for security, automation, and efficiency in cross-company transactions by utilizing blockchain components. bloXmove, founded by three co-founders and supported by a creative and enthusiastic staff from across the world, continues to build Distributed Ledger Technology >> “DLT-powered” solutions that offer hyper-efficiency and a collaborative spirit to mobility providers while providing a seamless mobility experience to end-users. The offices are located in Dublin, Bonn, and Stuttgart, but bloXmove thrives in a decentralized environment, which means our talents and partners are connected internationally.

What is bloXmove’s vision?

The bloXmove purpose is based on decentralization and collaboration. bloXmove is leveraging the power of decentralized technologies such as blockchain and decentralized identifiers to build a readily accessible protocol that allows for constructive collaboration between mobility and energy suppliers.

bloXmove has created the architecture for a global decentralized mobility infrastructure in order to build a world of multi-modal, efficient, and frictionless movement. bloXmove, in collaboration with important partners in major mobility hubs throughout the world, not only reinvents the way we get to our destinations, but also powers this revolution with certified green energy.

But how does bloXmove work?

In a few words, bloXmove allows users to use their favorite mobility app in other countries where their hometown app is not available. This is possible because if things go according to plan, the many existing mobility apps would share data about users confidentially across the bloXmove ledger.

Here is a video example with a transcript if you are more a video type of content consumer.

bloXmove – Your Pass for Mobility Service Roaming – Source: bloXmove Youtube

Samantha who lives in Lisbon is having a call with her boss who is asking if she can travel to Berlin for an important board presentation. She has no car and is often using the e-stepper bikes or train for her everyday commute. She works as a business analyst for a german company and often has to travel to the company’s headquarters in Berlin.

Meanwhile, her family lives in Amsterdam as such she travels a lot for business as well as privately. She arrives at the airport in Berlin and looks for mobility services. She can now find transport of her choice within her favorite mobility app in her case the Yellow Scooter Lisbon app. For her friend Malik, it could be a different app.

The identification and verification process is automated and Sam is able to unlock the car with one click after her credentials are checked the payment is done. The data sovereignty lies with Samantha and she decides which company has access to her personal data.

Arrived at the office she uses the opportunity to plan a private journey to Amsterdam to visit her family. Samantha is still using the same app to authenticate her credentials for every means of transport she chooses an e-stepper car and a train as preferred transport modes.

Her identity is verified automatically unlocking access to all three mobility options the way from the office to the hotel room is usually done via public transport due to time advantage. She is again booking her journey via her favorite mobility within this journey three different transport operators are booked the settlement of the used service is done by her employer and the necessary accounting details are automatically transferred to the accounting system.

Traveling is much more easy and more convenient with bloXmove. Decentralized infrastructure in mobility apps one-click journey of different transport modes within one app her favorite app. The next day arriving in Amsterdam she usually uses a shared bike to her parent’s place again she unlocks access to the e-bike with the yellow scooter. Lisbon app the billing and settlement among the different parties are done via smart contracts in the background Sam decides within the app whether to debit her private or business mobility budget and gets a comprehensive receipt in the new world one can book and settle any transport mode in every app thus mobility roaming is possible blocks move we carry your passengers further.

Strong partnerships of bloXmove

bloXmove is working with very reputable partnerships. Which is a very good sign. For example, the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and water management.

bloXmove partners with reputable entities or government arms. Source: bloXmove

bloXmove tokenomics

  • Name of the token: BLXM
  • Supply: 50.000.000
  • Use cases of the token
    • BLXM is the utility token of the bloxmove.com ecosystem
    • BLXM will be used to pay for decentralized mobility
    • BLXM will be burnt according to the fees received
    • BLXM is a contribution to a greener energy world as there will reward using shared mobility

If you want to have a deeper look, please find here the updated tokenomics.

bloXmobe team

When analyzing a project, I always like to see if the team has the expertise to deliver on the vision. As many successful people say: “Ideas are cheap, execution is golden”. It’s very easy to have lots of great ideas, but executing those ideas with capital and time constraint is much harder.

A strong CEO with mobility experience. Source: bloXmove
A strong CTO, especially in Tech. Source: bloXmove

The fact that there is already an MVP being developed in Nigeria is very promising.

bloXmove Nigeria market entry – Source: bolXmove

My opinion of bloXmove

After spending some time analyzing the bloXmove project, I managed to create a pros and cons list that might help you to make a decision. Please keep in mind that this is by no means financial advice.

  • Pros:
    • Great team that knows mobility. CTO works on DLT technology since 2012
    • Great community. I did most of my due diligence on a Sunday afternoon and still got immediate and friendly answers.
    • I see a real use case and a dynamic that would incentivize mobility apps to participate
    • The circulating market cap is fairly decent at this stage. ~4.5mioUSD
    • There seems to already be a signed MVP with the first B2B revenue.
  • Cons:
    • A few typos in the pitch deck and some misplaced buttons on the website
    • Very ambitious vision. Lots of players need to agree to play ball
    • The integration of a new player might require some tech. I wonder if it’s worth the work for mobility players. e.g. need 1000 hours of tech for an extra 2% of revenue from travelers.

WIsh you good luck with your investment decision. As usual, none of this has been financial advice.

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