17 amazing statistics about Bitcoin in 2020

  • As of the end of 2020, 3.86% of all the 21.000.000 Bitcoins are held by publicly traded companies. Bitcointreasuries
  • The publicly traded entity holding the most Bitcoin as of November 2020 is Grayscale Bitcoin Trust with 481.711,00 BTC which represents 2.29% of all the available Bitcoins. Bitcointreasuries
  • Transactions of Bitcoins to and from Africa under $10,000 (€8,500) increased by 55% over the past year, summing up to a peak of $316 million in June 2020. Deutsche Welle
  • Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008, over 6000 different cryptocurrencies have been created – so-called altcoins. Coinmarketcap
  • Fees of trading Bitcoins have decreased over time. In Africa however, fees are between 2-2.5%. However, fees using for remittance are generally around 5-9%. Reuters
  • According to Luno, the total monthly bitcoin exchanged volumes in South Africa and Nigeria has soared by half this year to reach around $536 million in August.
  • The countries with the highest number of Bitcoin transactions are 1) South Africa >800 Million USD, 2) Nigeria >600 Million USD, and 3) Kenya >400 Million USD. Reuters
  • There are 60% less bank branches per 100.000 inhabitants in Sub-Saharan Africa. World Bank
  • Luno, a cryptocurrency exchange operating in multiple countries in Africa has 3.000.000 customers in Africa only. Source: The State of Crypto Africa
  • Binance seems to be available in 5 countries in Africa according to the local Facebook page. To open an account click here.
  • As of October 7th, 2020, there are only 15 Bitcoins ATM in Africa. A Bitcoin ATM allows you to either deposit cash that will be converted and transferred to your Bitcoin wallet or withdraw cash by using Bitcoin that is on your wallet. Blocknewsafrica
  • Since its highest level in November 2017, the search for Bitcoin-related keywords has increased by 53% (compared to May 2020) in Nigeria. Google Trends.
  • The most exchanged currency (FIAT to Bitcoin) is the South African Rand (75% of the volumes), followed by the Nigerian Naira (15% of the volumes). The State of Crypto Africa
  • Only 4 countries are considered open and progressive about Bitcoins. Tunisia, South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone. The State of Crypto Africa
  • 8.6% APY, is the interest rate that you can earn as of November 2020 if you store your cryptocurrencies on BlockFi.

Bitcoin popularity is growing significantly in Africa. Source: Unsplash

As you can see, there are a lot of facts showing Bitcoin growing popularity in Africa. This could be the early signs of a massive adoption on the continent. If you are still hesitating, have a look at the article on the reasons to buy Bitcoin in Africa.

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