Telegram: The anonymous social network to learn about cryptos!

Telegram is a secure and fast cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging application. It was founded in 2013 by Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov and has since risen in popularity to become a stand-alone tool for crypto and trading enthusiasts. Today it have more than half a billion active monthly users.

Telegram has a unique relationship with the crypto and trading industry, housing news and discussion groups, as well as trading signal channels and other forms of groups (foreign exchange, speculation, social trading.. ).

However, you have to sort it out, because you can really find everything there, some channels are interesting and useful, others are worthless and some are even downright scams (especially those on Forex trading, binary options, etc.). As of everything, there are positive and negative sides.

Crypto groups on Telegram are communities devoted to discussing and sharing information on cryptocurrency in general. In this example, we’ll look at the Crypto France “Analyse method – News – Signals” group, which appears to be gaining traction has lot of active members.

Technical analyses, news, trading signals, and advise on the finest trading platforms may all be found there… Its administrators appear to be enthusiastic individuals who freely share their knowledge with others. As a result, the main goal is to educate you on market trends, trading tactics, technical indicators, algorithmic trading, and so on.

Crypto groups on Telegram are super popular. Source: Pexels

Telegram has thus become the most popular messaging program among cryptocurrency traders, investors, and aficionados, primarily because it is more privacy-focused than other messaging apps, and secondly because it is an excellent tool for disseminating messages to a large audience.

It is intended for a wide range of audiences, including novices, amateurs, and advanced traders, and is also used by trading platforms, brokers such as eToro, and other investors. The crypto community has discovered Telegram as an appropriate tool for anyone concerned about data privacy and personal sovereignty in recent years.

CEO Pavel Durov said: “…Telegram will introduce monetization in 2021 to pay for infrastructure and developer salaries…”. He then goes on to talk about generating operating capital through new business services and premium services. Telegram started introducing promoted posts since then.

Everything that was traditionally free on Telegram will remain free forever to the taste of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and although it is centralized, it is healthy, worthy, trustworthy and non-corporate.

Telegram was chosen as a shelter for sharing information and learning about cryptocurrency and trading due to the density of the community on the app. It is one of the most effective techniques for disseminating a variety of messages to a large audience (Crypto, trading courses, bitcoin, cfd, etc.) Telegram prioritizes privacy over other chat programs. You may also utilize more chat bots on the app, and you have a lot more features than on WhatsApp, for example.

Traders can take advantage of automated feeds and bots to create broadcasts and share them with their group members.

And do you use Telegram to help you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies and trading?

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