[Updated July 2022] The Artieverse Guide – NFT, Gaming, and mobile

“NFT, play-to-earn gaming” is a very hyped narrative those days – Everyone has already heard about it. What Artieverse is building is different. Let’s dive in.

What is the Artieverse?

Artie combines the realms of culture, technology, and gaming through dynamic NFT characters, interactive experiences, and in-person events. Our initial collection has a total of 5004 characters, and further collections will be released later this year.

The Artieverse goes beyond traditional media to include comics, apparel, cartoons, in-person events, and more, but the Artieverse will always be available to you directly via Discord, NFTs, and community games!

Artie’s dynamic NFT characters provide their owners entrance to the Artieverse, where their NFTs become playable gaming characters in forthcoming games and allow them to attend free private performances and receive unique items. Every Artie game may be played instantaneously on prominent social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Discord, Twitter, and others because of the company’s technology.

Artie believes that the next world-class gaming firm will be a multi-platform entertainment powerhouse. It will be available in all media formats. It will provide games to its community directly. It will empower its participants by granting them ownership. It will motivate them to build their own adventures. It will also bring its community together, both online and in person, to foster honest and lasting interactions.

The Artieverse Fundraising

According to a regulatory filing made public this week, Artie, the Los Angeles-based gaming business funded by NBA star Kevin Durant and Taylor Swift’s antagonist Scooter Braun, collected roughly $36 million last month to provide “mobile games that hit differently.”

Artie refuses to comment on the new funds, but some of its previous investors are believed to have contributed. Early-stage venture capitalists and angel investors frequently join in later investment rounds to keep their holdings in growing companies. According to court documents, Artie may be attempting to raise an additional $805,900.

The difference with all the other Gaming and play-to-earn models is that Artie will be leveraging the existing audiences of strong social media Behemoth. They also understood the mobile-first generation.

Mobile first, NFT, Play-to-earn. Artie will use social media to spread the game. Source: Artie

Strong partnerships

ImmutableX: Artie is partnering with Immutable X, also a very, very strong project. In a few words, L2 for NFT minting. Who has not complained about the huge minting costs on ETH right? Do you guys remember the huge increase in the huge increase in adoption when Axie Infinity started their own Ronin chain? Well Artie will supposedly be operated on the Immutable X L2. Exciting right ?

Artie partners with Immutable X – Source here

VFILES: Another great partnership between Artie and Vfiles. As stated in this great video. So exciting.

The Discord

The Discord server is fantastic. The team is able to close multiple partnerships and the Discord grew from a couple of hundreds of members to then above 8.000 members. Fantastic is that they still manage to tease users very well by sharing some updates on the graphics and gameplay on a regular basis.

Join the Discord Server here.

Winkelvii onboard

Who is Ryan Horrigan, the founder of Artie?

Prior to co-founding Artie, Ryan was Chief Content Officer of Felix & Paul Studios, a Comcast-backed immersive media startup, where he handled content and business development, strategy, and alliances.

Ryan Horrigan has an exceptional Movie/IP Background. Source: Linkedin

Investors and funding

No problem here. The team will have a) the resilience to build for a long time and b) the network from huge investors to help their growth. Even the Winklevii are in the Artieverse!

Get ready for it. This will be big. Zynga founder Mark Pincus, Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman’s Thirty Five Ventures, Scooter Braun’s Raised In Space, Shutterstock founder Jon Oringer, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Susquehanna International Group, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment + The Sixers Lab, Googler Manuel Bronstein, and YouTube co-founder Chad Hurl are among the company’s most recent investors.

Artie is also working on games with a prominent music celebrity and the owner of a superhero IP, and he believes that by combining no-code/low-code writing tools with Artie’s distribution platform, this trend might grow.

Who is the Chocotoy? The artist behind the first season of Artie NFT?

Chocotoy is a Mexicain artist. He created the Supercute universe. The Artieverse was highly inspired in partnership with the Chocotoy universe. Keep in mind that only the first season was created by Chocotoy. The second season will be created by another artist!

What about the rarity traits of the Arties NFT?

If you navigate the Artieverse’s Discord, you will see that the question about the Artie rarity comes up every other day.

Some Artie’s community members trying to understand the Rarity of their Artie NFTs

There is no clean-cut & official guide on The Artieverse rarity. So this time we have to do the digging ourselves. Important is to look into the metadata statistics for the Season 1 Artie NFT collection. There is a lot to comprehend about the Artie NFTs, the beauty is hidden in the NFTs, just a few layers down in the cozy JSON code.

Artie rarity – How to get the Metadata of your Artie NFT?

If you want to find the Metadata of your Artie NFT, go to https://metadata.artie.com/artie/XXXX. Instead of the XXXX, use your token ID.

As an example, we will inspect the most expensive listed Artie NFT: Bosspaw the Claymation Truther (ID: 3344), listed at the time of writing for 110 ETH.

You will get something like this:

Use Metadata to understand the rarity of your Artie NFT. Source: Metadata.artie.com

The raw metadata gives some additional information about the traits (and ultimately the rarity) of your Artie NFT, but it’s not very user-friendly is it?

By using a JSON Parser, you can visualize the information better:

Visualize the rarity of your Artie NFT using a JSON Parser. Source: Json.parser.online

So what makes your Artie NFT more, or less rare?

>> The Attributes
>> The Properties
>> The Genetic
>> The Names
>> The Lore
>> The Aesthetics

The Attributes: The majority of NFT marketplaces, like Opensea, currently display the metadata of the attribute. However, the attributes section is not all, there is further metadata. Examples of Attributes of the Artie NFT:

Examples of Attributes of the Artie NFT. Source: Metadata of 3344 – Bosspaw the Claymation Truther

The properties: The properties of the Artie NFT are visible on Opensea. They give an invitation of the rarity but are hard to visualize and compare.

Examples of Properties of the Artie NFT. Source: Metadata of 3344 – Bosspaw the Claymation Truther

Please note, that most platforms such as NFT-stats or Nftgo, use only the Attributes and properties to determine rarity. However, this vision is restrictive and misses many aspects of the story behind the NFT.

The Genetics: Six genes, one for each of the six narrative qualities, make up each NFT. NFT 3344 has 4 Chocotoy genes and 2 Core Genes. So the NFT 3344 is having a 33% (2/6) Core gene Affinity. Core and Chocotoy are the only gene types at the moment. A new secret gene that embodies the spirit of the season’s theme will coexist with the main Artieverse gene in season two.

Does the genetic affinity define the rarity? Is it better to have a 100% core affinity? Well, this is hard to say. However, we managed to find out a distribution of the Genetic Affinity:

Out of 5007 first-season NFTs, there are only 71 100% core Affinity NFTs. Source: Rarity Guide Artie.

The names: Another varying parameter impacting the rarity is the name of each NFT. For example, some NFTs have a clean one-word name. Some others have a name with 5-6 words which are in most cases less cool.

One word name Wrocky – Source: Opensea.

Flex, Wrocky, Bosspaw, Unicorn, The Drip, and Dreamdust are some of the character kinds. Each of these character types has a character whose name is just the name of the character model. Several other names exist, such as Flex the Loner. The character’s personality type is included in these names. Only 15 Flex characters are named and given a personality type; they do not have any additional modifiers.

The Lore: Some of the NFTs have a unique Lore. The lores can be seen in the “description” part of the Metadata. For example one of the characters is the only one to have been summoned by a “summoned by demonic scientist

The aesthetics: This is a subjective criterion, but you might find some of the characters better looking than others. This has nothing to do with mathematical rarity, yet this makes a difference. For example, I like the red, blue and white combination. So I only bought those types 🙂

Artieverse Airdrop

If you joined the Artieverse Server early, and you managed to claim a server Goat/Founder role, you will get an Airdrop from the Granny token.

Server Goat on Artieverse need to register their wallet to get the airdrop on the Artieverse Discord Server

What is the Granny Token?

“Our announcement of the Granny Token: This is something we have had in the works, but couldn’t share until our teaser video dropped yesterday: all server-founders (also known as @Server G.O.A.T. ) will be receiving an airdrop of a GRANNY TOKEN based on the Granny in the video. This will be an ERC-1155. It’s unbelievably cool. We are covering the costs for this, it will automatically appear in your wallet after you have gone through a validation process.”

Announcement from Artieverse Staff about the Granny token airdrop

The Granny token allows a free mint. I personally want to wait first how the project evolves before redeeming it.

Granny Token was airdropped to Serverfounders. Source: Artieverse

What is making Artie different from other projects?

Artie intends to charge game producers 12-15 percent – at least 50% less than Apple and Google – and provide a platform for them to create high-quality games and reach gamers directly within their social media applications and messaging networks.

This strategy is intended to provide game creators with two major value propositions. One is monetary. The cheaper platform charge definitely saves money for developers. Horrigan also stated that Artie intends to simplify mobile players’ game discovery by giving them rapid access to a game without having to quit whatever app they’re on, go to an app store, and download a new one. This, they believe, will boost the number of people who opt to check out a new game. These characteristics, according to Horrigan, should cut publishers’ expenses of gaining new gamers.

Artiverse Events

Every time I go on the Artiediscord, I regret not to be living in the US. The parties seem fantastic each time. For example during NFT NYC holders got themselves an amazing experience. Speedboard, brunch, and a live performance from tier A rappers (NAS/Wu Tang).

Artie Holders in NYC had a treat with a speed boat, open bar, brunches, and world-class performance. Source: Artie Socials

Why buy the Artieverse NFT? NFA

  • Community – People are so cool on Discord that you probably wanna have a look
  • Parties – See above, parties look sick. NFT NYC, Coachella.
  • Merch – All holders will receive free merch.
  • Metaverse Game – A metaverse game is also in the making
  • A very sophisticated Rarity system, including genetics, names, and Lores. (Learn more about Lores)
Merch from Artieverse for all holders

Where to buy the Artieverse NFT?

>> Link to Opensea secondary market. If you missed the mint, Opensea is probably your best shot!

Expansion of Artie: We hired a head of marketing and are now filling out a team of about 6 people. The marketing will be ratcheting up shortly for the game launch cycle (in stride with the private alpha, private beta, and public beta of the first game) and across our merch drops, live events and future NFT drops. This first drop was 100% organic/word of mouth and that was intentional. You’ll see more very soon.

All opinions are mine.


Is Artie a web3 company?

Yes, Artie is a web3 company. More precisely, Artie is a web3 mobile gaming platform. As a reminder, Web2 refers to the version of the internet that most of us are familiar with today. An internet controlled by centralized businesses that offer services in return for your personal information. In the context of Ethereum, Web3 refers to decentralized applications that operate on the blockchain.

What is the company behind Artie?

The company behind the Artie project is called Artie. Based in Los Angeles USA, Artie is a Web3 mobile game that can be shared and played instantly on social media. No app download is needed.
>> Linkedin Artie
>> Twitter Artie
>> Artiverse Instagram

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