Now I’ve been doing this since 2017  and each year the list changes, some are dropped  and new ones are added. 

The criteria I used in coming up with this list includes:

  • the reputation  of the exchange
  • the quality of their service  
  • the service they provide
  • and how many  Nigerians are using these exchanges

To come up with this list, I actually reviewed  89 cryptocurrency exchanges that Nigerians can use and came up with this list of 10. Note that some of them are foreign exchanges and some of them are Nigerian exchanges. That said, let’s get to my list of TOP 10  CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES IN NIGERIA 


It is a Nigerian exchange that has been  around since 2016. it used to be an OTC (Over the Counter) exchange by the name NG XCHANGER, but  later Rebranded to BLOCKVILLA and upgraded it to a P2P exchange. This enables them to not only cater for Nigerians but customers from other countries.  

BLOCKVILLA has over 80,000 users and has processed  over 50 million dollars’ worth of transactions. 


If you’re watching the BIG BROTHER NAIJA show  season 6 SHINE YA EYE, then you must have heard of PATRICIA. They are one of the major sponsors  of the show. PATRICIA was launched from Nigeria   in 2018 but now has branches in the USA, UK and  Ghana. On PATRICIA you can buy and sell bitcoin and order digital assets like Perfect Money  as well as over 30 gift cards for naira. They also have a card and let you pay your bills  in crypto. PATRICIA has over 300,000 users. 

Best crypto exchanges. Source: pexels


BINANCE is the biggest exchange in the   world as well as the biggest exchange in Nigeria.  every Nigerian trader has a BINANCE account.   BINANCE has over 15 million users worldwide and  over 13 billion dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies are traded on BINANCE every single day. BINANCE supports about 400 cryptocurrencies and over a thousand trading pair. The BINANCE P2P was launched in 2020 and it is overtaking existing P2P like PAXFUL  and REMITANO in the P2P market. BINANCE  as a plethora of services including; P2P,  SPOT trading, MARGIN, FEATURES, BINANCE EARN, STAKING, LIQUIDITY MINING and this is just to  mention a few. BINANCE also has the BINANCE   SMART CHAIN with over a thousand Dapps  running on it. 


 BUYCOINS is another crypto exchange base in  Lagos, Nigeria and it has been around since   2017. It is the first exchange to support the NGNT crypto token. Even with the crypto ban, you can easily fund and withdraw naira from buy coins using a service called TRANSFER.AFRICA.   This takes away the risk associated with p2p. 

As  at the time of this video you can buy and sell   11 cryptos on BUYCOINS as well as lock your  coin and earn 12 percent interest per annum. 


It is another powerful P2P exchange that has  been around since 2015. its major selling point   is that you can buy and sell bitcoin and USDT using over 350 payment methods, any payment method you can conceive  at all is available on PAXFUL. It has over 6 million users worldwide with the  number of Nigerian users leading in Africa. PAXFUL is a reputable platform but you have to  be cautious of scammers when trading on PAXFUL. 


It was launched in 2018 as the first  Nigerian exchange to have a standard trade room. They also launched a P2P platform in 2021  after the Nigerian crypto ban. On QUIDAX,   you can easily convert your naira to crypto or  your crypto to naira and trade other crypto pairs.   QUIDAX has also launched the QUIDAX  vault where you can stake the QSD token to earn more cryptos for free. QUIDAX has  about 400,000 users from over 70 countries. 


OKEx was launched in 2014. It has over 20  million active users turning over 3.5 billion   dollars in trading volume every single  day. The services offered on OKEx is quite similar to those on BINANCE  this include the P2P, SPOT trading,   FEATURES, MARGIN, STAKING and so on and so forth.  OKEx also has its own decentralized network, the OKChain, where developers can build dapps.


KUCOIN is another exchange that has  caught the heart of many Nigerians, probably because of its listing of a lot  of bullish coins. if you can use BINANCE, then you can use KUCOIN because the services and build of the two exchanges are similar. KUCOIN also has a trading bots that you can set  up to trade for you. It recently launched its P2P  making it perfect for any Nigerian. KUCOIN has  been existing for four years now and they have over 5 million active users with a daily trading  volume of about two billion dollars. there’s a lot more that KUCOIN has to offer. 

Buying bitcoin is easy! Source: pexels


Now, there is one platform that always makes  my list every single year, but did not make the list this year and this is because of  the Nigerian crypto ban and that platform is  LUNO. LUNO is loved by every Nigerian. It is really easy to use and I would say it’s the most user-friendly platform there is. And according to LUNO, it is not going to launch a P2P platform, that was a statement released by their CEO. They rather wait and work with the government   so the ban is lifted. They have done this in other countries and they don’t want to expose their customers to the risk associated with P2P. That is why they don’t want to launch the P2P platform. So for LUNO, we just  have to wait till the ban is lifted for   us to start using LUNO again and I hope that  next year LUNO is going to make this list. 

So that is that for the 10 BEST  CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGES IN NIGERIA,   I hope you love the list. Go to the comment section and tell me which of these exchanges do you think should not be on  this list and is there any exchanges that you are hoping to see on the list that I did not mention – let me know.

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