Which Airdrops to look at for 2022? Source: pexels
Which Airdrops to look at for 2022? Source: pexels

Top 7 most anticipated Airdrops for 2022!

Discover the next Airdrops for 2022 and how to become eligible!

We’ve seen projects like ENS, dYdX, Paraswap, Instadapp, OpenDAO, and many more giving away thousands of dollars to each of its customers in the year 2021, and we all hope that the year 2022 will be just as full with airdrops, which we don’t want to miss.

1. Metamask

The first is Metamask, which is the most frequently used cryptocurrency wallet in the world. It has been speculated for a long time that this program intends to create its own Tokens, and it is quite likely that they would reward their users with them.

We frequently discuss the MASK coin, which has been discussed by members of the Metamask team multiple times. The same group also stated that their token would be released at some point in the future. It would be absurd not to, given the massive user base and large amount of capitalization that this currency has the potential to achieve if it provides some sort of incentive to keep it in our wallet.

Learn more about the potential Metamask Airdrop – Source: Metamask

What is the best way to obtain a metamask airdrop?

Well, it’s most likely via utilizing all of the wallet’s features, whether it’s sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, holding them for a period of time, or even trading.

Yes, we may swap tokens, and it appears that this is one of the most crucial aspects of winning a prospective airdrop, despite the fact that it is the application’s least used feature. So, in case they decide to airdrop for people who have used it the most, I’m starting to employ this internal Metamask switch more frequently.

Personally, hunting airdrop is one of my favorite thing to do as it makes me discover a lot of new protocols. It’s a very good way to generate crypto income.


Another project or platform that will ultimately give out tokens when it is introduced to the market is OpenSea. Remember that this is all pure guesswork, but look at OpenSea in comparison to other large NFT marketplaces.

Potential Airdrop on Opensea – Source: Opensea.

The great majority of them have their own Token, which provides them with advantages and privileges over the platform. With a genuinely appalling trade volume, OpenSea is the most extensively utilized non-fungible token market in 2021.

It is the industry leader but does not yet have its own token, which might change rapidly in 2022. OpenSea has grown into a massive corporation, and it is expected that they would compensate all people who have helped it become what it is today. Buying or selling NFTs on this platform may be enough to qualify.

3. Arbitrum

Arbitrum comes next. This is another another Ethereum layer 2 solution that lacks a Token, despite the fact that many people are looking for one shortly… And if they do introduce it, there’s a good possibility they’ll reward all of their customers since it’s ostensibly a means of thanking everyone who used their product before the Token was published, and make no mistake, it’s also a great method for them to create some noise and gain exposure quickly.

Potential Airdrop on Arbitrum, don’t forget to bridge! – Source: Arbitrum

So, if they do an airdrop, I believe it will only be for those that utilized the token bridge. They come up here and transfer their Ethereum holdings to Arbitrum. They may also link Arbitrum to Uniswap and utilize this exchange to trade with minimal commissions and other cool features.

Obviously, there is an Ethereum charge to begin using it, but it is worthwhile, and the possibilities of an airdrop are high, according to the community.

4. Optimism

Optimism is another Ethereum layer 2 solution that does not yet have its own coin. It’s the same situation as with Arbitrum.

We set up the wallet, transfer assets from Ethereum, and begin playing and experimenting with swaps, liquidity, and other functions under multiple Eth DeFi protocols, all while paying lower costs. And perhaps, who knows, this year we will receive an airdrop in this manner.

Optimism Airdrop – Eligibility already announced! Source: Quixotic

>> If you want to check if you are eligible for the Optimism Airdrop, check this link

5. Clipper

Clipper is the next decentralized exchange on the list, which bills itself as a trading platform for smaller traders, concentrating on swaps under $10,000 to reduce slippage to a minimum.

Clipper’s airdrop is the most speculative of the bunch, but they’ve hinted that they could receive one sooner or later, given that they still don’t have a token and have revealed their ambitions to form a DAO, which might issue a token in the future to decentralize this protocol.

Using this exchange to trade or offer liquidity, regardless of the amount, might potentially qualify us for that much-discussed airdrop.

6.Hop Protocol

Don’t forget to bridge on HOP protocol. They might start a DAO soon. Source: Hop.exchange

Another option on the list is the Hop Protocol airdrop. The Hop protocol, like another layer two solutions for Ethereum, is expected to airdrop shortly, since it provides a bridge to connect multiple solutions, such as Ethereum with Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and others.

If some of these solutions are rumored to be launching soon, the Hop Protocol, which combines them all, might be a good candidate. According to rumors, leveraging the Hop Protocol bridge to provide liquidity or staking might qualify us as future airdrop-worthy users.

>> Hop Protocol even announced a DAO. So could be their way to express/confirm a juicy airdrop!

So, if you’re searching for Arbitrum and Optimism airdrops, you can utilize the Hop protocol to acquire exposure to all three of these projects at once…for example, by donating cash to Arbitrum and then utilizing Hop to move those funds to Optimism, saving numerous Ethereum fees in the process.

7. Unstoppable Domains

Finally, we have Unstoppable Domains, which was a pleasant surprise from the Ethereum Name Service team with the airdrop of their new ENS token, which they distributed in three levels to the owners of their.eth domains. The first level of this airdrop cost 200 ENS, the second was 500 ENS, and the third was 1000 ENS, depending on how long you utilized the service.

We were talking about tens of thousands of dollars per user, which was insane even at the lowest level.

The same is expected to happen with this domain service, which does not yet have a Token.

For this, we’ll need to purchase a domain that requires only a one-time payment and does not require renewals, such as YourName. For example, is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency and One of the features they provide is the ability to utilize this domain as our wallet’s address. Crypto could be my wallet, and I could use it to accept payments; it’s a wallet that’s much easier to remember than traditional wallets, and it’s compatible with Ethereum and Polygon.

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