What is Web 3.0 and how to invest through crypto?

Without a doubt, the birth of the Internet ushered in the greatest profound technological transformation in human history. The Internet has broken down geographical borders, increased access to knowledge, and connected individuals in previously unimaginable ways. We are once again at the start of a new age, this time in the Roaring Twenties. Companies old and new have been laying the groundwork for the next generation of the Internet over the last decade. Humanity is about to reach the next stage of the World Wide Web’s evolution, from blockchain to artificial intelligence.

What is Web 3.0 and how did we get here?

There was simply Web 1.0 in the beginning. It was the first version of the internet when websites were static and users couldn’t connect with one another through the internet. Web 1.0 users were limited to viewing HTML web pages, which generally consisted of news articles or other non-interactive content due to a lack of options.

A new form of the Internet began to take shape in the late 1990s, allowing individuals to participate in a more dynamic Web. The development of this social web, which gave rise to Web 2.0 commercial behemoths like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, placed a premium on user-generated content and website-to-website interoperability. New enterprises and business models arose as a result of this rise: from social networks to mobile apps, Web 2.0 has created new revenue streams that were not conceivable in the days of Web 1.0.

Now, more than two decades into its existence, and even more powerful version of the Internet seems to be gaining the upper hand.

After more than two decades, it appears that a more powerful version of the Internet is gaining the upper hand.

While there isn’t yet a definite definition of Web 3.0 (it hasn’t really arrived, after all), there are some qualities on which the general public agrees. A semantic web, artificial intelligence, 3D graphics, and ubiquity are all elements of Web 3. Web 3 will likewise be decentralized, removing all middlemen and allowing for reliable, secure peer-to-peer transactions all across the world. Participants throughout the world will be able to make secure transactions over the web without the need for an intermediary third party, which will be a boost to the ever-growing creator economy.

Web 3, the blockchain, and the decentralized web

Blockchain and its underlying technology, in addition to artificial intelligence and 3D graphics, are the driving force behind the future iteration of the World Wide Web. Web 3 provides a democratic and user-centric platform without a central point of control for the first time in Internet history. While Web 2.0 facilitated cross-border information flow, this data was frequently managed by centralized third parties. Users can engage with one another without the intervention of these middlemen in the Web 3.0 environment, allowing for the free exchange of information while lowering the possibility of censorship by governments and companies.

What does Web 3.0 mean to you?

Cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ether) are based on totally decentralized networks that are managed by their underlying protocols. The popularity of Web 3.0 and related technologies will expand in tandem with the increasing adoption of these blockchains through increased network usage, the advent of decentralized apps (dApps), and the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the acceptance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

One of the most straightforward ways to get engaged with the next version of the web is to help build these protocols and their solutions. You can check at DeFi projects like Pancake Swap or Bakery Swap (On the Binance Smart chain) or Uniswap and 1inch (On the Ethereum Blockchain), which are decentralized exchanges (DEXes) that permit token exchanges, in addition to buying cryptocurrencies directly. Individuals can also stake their crypto tokens in liquidity pools to earn even more tokens by injecting liquidity and actively utilizing their assets through these DeFi businesses.

Binance offers a vast array of products allowing investors to take a deep dive into the Web 3.0 and crypto worlds through our innovative and unique product offerings. Wanna start your Web 3.0 adventure? Use this link to register and save on fees.

NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, have piqued the interest of crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike since last year. Indeed, Binance also just started its own Binance NFT Marketplace last year, allowing customers to buy and invest in digital art that is currently unavailable in the Web 2.0 world.

Web 3.0 is coming. will you be ready?

Another technological revolution is on the horizon for humanity. Web 3.0’s arrival will not only be a watershed moment for humanity, but it might also be a watershed moment for your future wealth. Once the world has fully embraced Web 3.0, investors and builders who take advantage of the possibilities of this next-generation Internet will be in a better position.

Investing directly in blockchain protocols with crypto is a fantastic place to start – especially with Binance, which offers a comprehensive range of financial products as well as a reliable fiat gateway into the crypto world. Other web 3.0 products, such as those provided by DeFi, DApps, or NFTs, are other important areas for people to consider.

1 BTC was worth less than $100 in the summer of 2013. After eight years, 1 BTC is currently worth more than $30,000. Bitcoin and the plethora of other protocols it has spawned have the ability to forever alter the digital landscape as we know it. The need for learning, understanding, investigating, and investing in the growth of the World Wide Web has never been greater as the value proposition and use cases for blockchain and Web 3.0 grow.

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How to invest in Web 3.0 – Summary

  • The introduction of new and disruptive technology frequently presents the best chances.
  • Blockchain and the underlying technologies are compared to the first internet boom. With blockchain and the supporting technologies being the driving force behind the next iteration of the World Wide Web, dubbed Web 3.0.
  • Direct crypto investments in blockchain protocols are the best way to participate in Web 3.0’s growth. We provide fiat gateways to the crypto world at Binance, including projects that enhance Web 3.0.
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