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Hi everybody, welcome back to another episode! My name is Steve Nicholson and today we’re going to be talking about the Aleph Zero and seeing where it could go using something called the full 34 Fibonacci extension and this is something that I just found out about today. 

So I have to thank two people. The first person – he’s someone I follow on Twitter and we are killing groups together just talking about Aleph Zero. He wrote to me today and said “Listen, why don’t you talk about the kind of full 34 extension, somebody else talks about it.” 

I said I had never heard of it before so I  found out more, and he’d run to me with some kind of YouTube videos from Kevin Cage who’s a really smart guy, VS and founder, and much smarter than me. And he talks about this for a lot of projects reaching this full and 34 extension.

I’m going to show you today and I want to show you this for a left 0 as well to see where an Aleph Zero could go because it’s following a lot of the criteria that Kevin Cage talks about so give them a follow on Twitter give Kevin cage a follow give super f0 a follow as well and I’ll share the links down below for you 

So what I’m going to do first of all is compare the left 0 to 3 other layered ones. I like to compare almost like for like. Now I know life 0 is not exactly the same as saw Avax or Luna but the layered ones are kind in the same space, although Aleph Zero is doing kind of other things as well it’s a dag, as well which I’ll do a full video I’ve been meaning to do it for ages I’ve not done it yet. So I’ll do a full video on why it’s so special, why I think it’s so special as well and why I invested really heavily into this. 

 I put a lot more into my portfolio, more than I think,  I’m up to about 80 percent of my portfolio now in left 0. But I’m in it for the long term 

 I want to compare it to sol Luna and Avax 

The first thing I want to consider is this structure, where we were in a channel for so. This is what we’re looking at it just now and it was in a channel for quite a while if we look at the channel structure and we see it was in a channel for about 144 days. 

Before we broke out of our channel and really went skyrocketing and we’re just going to see how high it went from its low so went up 15 000% – 150 x from where it broke out. 

Now I want to show you Luna. Luna was in a channel for some time round I think it was 74 days before it broke out and went on a massive run of about 28000% – 280 x.

Avax, which is an avalanche, was in this down our descending channel for 104 days before it broke out and went on a massive run of 35000% which is 35 x. I still think Avax is a long way to go 

So just looking at those three – they had similar structures. Now we’re looking at Aleph Zero so it’s just broken out of this descending channel and just now Aleph Zero has only been trading for 49 days. A shorter time period for breaking out of this channel was in like if avags was in, then Luna was in, and Savannah was in, as well so it’s a shorter time frame um but nevertheless it has broken out of this channel. 

So that’s the first interesting thing we want to note, and if this was to go up, obviously by that amount by 280x and by 150x and by 35x. Obviously we’re talking in the 30s 40s 50s hundreds of dollars 

The Fibonacci extension

But something more interesting than Kevin Cage talks about is something called the full 34 extensions – the Fibonacci extension tool I was talking about. 

So I want to compare left 0 to what’s happening with Luna Avax and so with regards to the Fibonacci extension 34 or the full fibonacci extension 34. 

What we’re going to do is we’re going to come back to Solana just now and we’re going to use the Fibonacci retrenchment tool, click on that we’re going to go to the all-time high and we’re coming to the old-time low and we can see here that Savannah was trading round about the 0.23 mark. So this is 23, there’s no 0,23 so it’s trading there before it actually broke out of here so broke out and then went on a parabolic run.  And we can see here and go and track it to the full 34 extension for the Fibonacci 2 so if we kind of drag this right along and we’re going to see that it reached that 32- 34 extension and actually went up to the 55 and kind of went up a little bit higher and came back down again and now it’s in the 21 Fibonacci extension. So really interesting to know that.

We’re going to do the same with Luna. So Fibonacci retracement put it there and we can see this also surpassed the 55 levels. 

So it came up here all-time low hovered around the 23 or 0.23 Fibonacci level before it kind of breaks out and goes on a parabolic run. and goes up to 34 the full 34 reaches it, surpasses it, surpasses the 55 levels. Ok, for putting other numbers in here is where we’ll go to the next Fibonacci number which is 89 and the next Fibonacci number which is 144 

We can see it surpassed even level as well. So we’re talking, if we had this information, if we look at the look of long-term projects like luna and we had this information, we say okay it’s hovering around this 0.23 or this 23% mark which is 34 cents. Who could have imagined it would have gone all the way up to about a hundred dollars on the doors? Who could have imagined that?

A lot of people said yes, but when we’re using this to the full 34 extension tool then we can see how far we could go with this right
We’ll do the same with um avalanche as well. 

If you’re on the Fibonacci extension two all-time highs now this was on the first day so I’m going to say the all-time high was here and do it to here. So once again, we can see you kind of broke from this all-time low hovered around this 0.23 area for a while, and then it kind of broke and went on a parabolic run up to the 55, the full 55 levels and it’s now sitting at the 21 levels.
You’ll notice that Solana it’s in the 21 level, Luna is still kind of way out there on its own and we’ve got now avalanche sitting on that 21 bounced off the 21 level, looking at 34 level again, and it could go up to that 144 level to 325 for avalanche as well. 

So now if we see this full information for left 0 as well, we go to left 0 we take out the top the previous all-time high was rounded by $1.89 and the low the all-time low or the low here is 82 cents we’re going to discount from when it first traded that frustrated 10 cents so it starts from somewhere. 

We’re going to say the all-time low – here is 82 cents, and then we can see where it’s hovering around this 0.23 level that Kevin Cage talks about as well, before starting to break out and it’s starting to break out just now. 

And so, we can see where Aleph Zero goes from here? We’re talking price of up to when we’re talking kind of levels here this is what previously done with the Fibonacci extension say 254 $3.60 $4.67 $5.73 $9.33 and we’re going to come down i’m going to go to the full 34 and we’re going to see $36.91. So we’re going to take a little bit further and say 55 I’m going to say 89 and we’re going to say 144. Okay that where does that take us so 21 is 23,17 $37 $59 at the 55 level $95 dollars at the 89 level and $154 dollars at the 144 level 

If I might think that is preposterous to even think is going to go 144x or 130x from here i want to go back to teraluna and show you exactly what happened there – it went up to 144 level exactly the same and surpassed that so.

So if you look at Aleph Zero just now, remember we’re only 49 days into trading and where this could go compared with Avax compared with Luna compared with so and the other layered ones as well if you look at the other layer ones as well. 

And look at the full kind of 34 extension that Kevin Cage talks about. 

As i said i’ll put some links down below because it’s just interesting to look at and from a numbers point of view and where these actual ones go he talks about chain link he talks about amazon as well he talks about a lot of the stocks i’ve done the same i would imagine google’s done the same as well and kind of Facebook and other projects like that 

But talking about crypto, talking about Aleph Zero so it could, if it goes up to 144 level get $154 dollars below that we’re talking about $95 dollars 55 level we’re talking about $59 34 the full can extension 34 we’re talking about $37 dollars for a Aleph Zero. 

37 represents roughly a 30 x from here so think about that and look into Aleph Zero. 

We’ve got loads of stuff on Twitter if you just type in the cache tag a0 you’ll find out loads of information super f0 kind of talks about it and loads of other kind of people from Aleph Zero and kind of talk about as well and why we’re so bullish on this as well

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