Why we are incredibly bullish on the WFAIR token

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It’s been a long time that we have been looking for a new narrative to ape in. We don’t buy into the “it’s the Pancakeswap of Polygon”. It’s the Aave of Harmony. This narrative worked a bit, but not any longer. We are looking to build strong conviction in an innovative project with a good team (especially when we know the team) and sensible Tokenomics.

What’s Wallfair.io? Wen Airdrop? Wen Moon? Wen Lambo?

That’s how we found Wallfair.io, founded by Sebastian Diemer who is a very prominent start-up founder in Germany who now wants to take over decentralized betting.

Unlike most online betting platforms, Wallfair takes advantage of the blockchain’s transparency to create an event trading platform that works without middlemen, shares all revenues with players and offers open blockchain tracking of all activity.

The global gambling industry is worth over $711.4 billion and is expected to reach $876 billion by 2026.


Wallfair is a social event-trading platform that lets content creators to stream live streams and organizes events and bets for their audience. A Volerant gamer/influencer, for example, can stream his live Twitch feed on Wallfair and place bets on the outcome as well as ongoing gaming events like a Pentakill.

Decentralized betting on live events with Wallfair.io

Since their inception, online gambling and casinos have used the same games, formats, and reward schemes. By democratizing event development, Wallfair contradicts the “Casino always wins” mindset. Wallfair intends to onboard event creators under its Wizards and Unicorns program in its initial phase to ensure that the platform has several high-quality events available at all times. These event planners are rewarded for putting on high-volume, appealing events based on live streams and exclusive events.

Wallfair uses a community-led governance model that is consistent with its democratic values. Wallfair uses a voting model that considers the level of voter participation as well as the number of WFAIR tokens they own when weighting their voting power. This helps to reduce the impact of significant token holders on governance. The Wallfair community decides on the platform’s development and growth path.

Wallfair on Polygon

Wallfair is built on Polygon, an Ethereum full-stack scaling solution that allows it to execute transactions quickly and provide a low-latency betting experience to its users. Wallfair makes use of Polygon’s blockchain infrastructure services, such as oracles, indexing modules, and bridge, as well as the fiat on-ramp, state transfer, and meta transactions.

Wallfair Token

The WFAIR token, an ERC-20 digital casino chip, is at the heart of the Wallfair ecosystem and is incorporated into every facet of its operation and governance. Within the platform, Wallfair content creators and users will be able to create events, participate in events, mine liquidity, and resolve disputes. The Wallfair NFT marketplace will use WFAIR as the default currency.

None of the content above is guaranteed to be correct. This article is not sponsored but I hold Wallfair.io tokens.

The CEO of the project, Sebastian Diemer is himself driving a Lambo, so I can only hope.

Where lambo: CryptoCurrency
Wen Lambo, Wen airdrop, wen moon.

The alpha testing

Because I am a very, very, very prominent influencer, but also super bullish about the project, I managed to get into the Alpha Test phase. The verdict is *drumroll* : incredible. I have not been having that much fun since a long time.

The Elon Game

Go to the Moon with Elon Musk – Source: Wallfair Alpha Test

The game is easy, bet some PFAIR tokens and bet that Elon is gonna go to the moon. If his rocket explodes, then you lost your bet. So far I managed to earn a lot of PFAIR tokens.

Most sophisticated Apes can run a prediction analysis on the last few results


The most fun part of the Wallfair project is the event betting place. You can vote on various items such as political matters, BTC value by end of the month, or if Bill Clinton is gmi by end of month.

The Design

Super nice – super fresh.

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