FAQ – Frequently asked questions :

I received a lot of questions from people using my website. At the beginning the number of question was very manageable so I started answering them myself. At one point, I realized that I should create a document, that would allow users to seek the answer of their questions without my help. This is reason why I created this section.

Why is online shopping so convenient ?

I am a fashion freak, and at the same time extremely lazy. Since I am not living in Lagos, If I wanted to buy some clothes, I had to get dressed, take my car and travel for several hours, fight will all the other customers in crowded shops. This time is over. At least for me. Online shops are opened all the time. No need to wait until saturday to buy fashion. Now, I can buy fashion online anytime. Also, I have access to a way bigger range of products when I buy online. But the most important advantage of buying online, is the price. Since the brands generally use online website to sell their rest inventory, and that operating costs are very limited compared to physical stores, you can achieve big savings when you are buying online ! I <3 buying fashion online !

Why buying fashion online ?

Make the test, if you discuss with your friends about buying fashion online, most of them will tell you it’s a bad idea. They will all mention the same reasons why they do not advise you to do it :

  • No possibility to try the product before you buy it.
  • They need to feel the product, the material with their own hands before buying
  • They do not want the hassle of sending back the parcel
  • Payment methods are not safe. Especially in Nigeria.

For all of those points, online stores found a solution.

  • I generally order several sizes, since most of the sites present in this ranking have a pay on delivery possibility, you can simply try the item. And then only pay for what you keep.
  • No problem in sending back anything since you can use the pay on delivery method. If for any reason you paid before the delivery, just give a quick phone call to the site and they will organize the collection of the unwanted articles. You will get a refund quickly (1-2 weeks)
  • In cases where you use the pay on delivery method, no risk to get your credit card data stolen. You can simply pay cash. If you pay online, you can also pay with full confidence since all site present in the ranking are protected by the most up to date encryption methods.

Long story short : there is no negative point in buying fashion online. Only positive.

Shall I get the products delivered at the office or at home ?

Well, this is a very frequently asked question. It is difficult to answer to it very precisely, since it is a case by case answer.

If the company you are working at is cool with that, I would always suggest to get the parcel delivered at the office – If you used the pay on delivery method, and that you need to try the product quickly and pay the coursier. Made sure there is a room with enough space so that you can see your full body and decide whether you wanna keep the item or not.

If your company is not cool with you getting the parcel delivered at work, go ahead and use your private address, or pick up stations. You can gladly ask the parcel to be delivered on weekends. Or, you can track the order, and work from home when the item is delivered.

Worst case scenario, if you cannot be home, the courier will place the parcel in the post station, and you will have to pick it up. Not too cool, I agree. When doing this, do not forget your ID. Or you will not be able to get the product.

What are the most important criteria when picking the best online fashion store in Nigeria ?

Internet industry is booming in Nigeria at the moment. There are a lot of new online shops popping up every day. 99% of them are genuine and trustworthy websites. But there are always some scammers. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that the site you are buying products on is not a scam. Here would be the criterias I would have a look at before ordering some clothes online :

  • Does the site fits your needs (Men fashion / Women fashion / Kids fashion)
  • Are the brands that are relevant for you available on the site ?
  • What are the delivery & return procedures ? Is pay on delivery available ?
  • How hard is it to reach out to the customer care department ?
  • Is the payment page encrypted ? (see the “s” after http)
  • Read the reviews of customers before placing your order.

How has the ranking been established ? Why is the ranking changing ?

It took me several days to establish this ranking. The comparison work was the biggest part. I particularly paid attention to the below listed aspects :

  • Is the range of product big ? (# of available brands, are there some luxury products ?)
  • What are the delivery procedures ? (pay on delivery, free delivery, free return ?)
  • Prices (I looked at a list of 5 basic fashion products : Levi’s, Diesel, Nike, Pierre Cardin, and the price of the cheapest tee shirt and shirt).
  • How good is the customer care department (can I reach out to them via phone ? Email ? chat ? How quick do they answer ? What are the opening times ?)

If you feel that some aspects would be missing from the ranking, feel free to send me an email.

Do you have some special deals for us ?

Because I am in contact with the owner of the websites directly, I can sometime get some vouchers for you. You can use those vouchers, only if you go on the site via my ranking. Here would be the vouchers I could negotiate for you.

[table id=4 /]

Please keep in mind that for any reasons, fashion retailers can deactivate those vouchers. If this is the case, please send me a quick email and I will try to get it reactivated. Since the stocks are limited, I would still recommend you to still purchase the item even if the voucher is not working. Maybe someone will buy the last item of your size :(.

Many thanks for the FAQ. It’s very helpful, but I have another question that is not answered here. What can I do ?

Very easy. Drop me an email. I will do my best to answer to you, or modify the FAQ section. It may take a while for me to answer since this website is more of an hobby for me. And my job is taking a lot of time.

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