Aren’t you afraid of living in the EUR zone while your “stock income” is mostly in USD, CAD, and GBP?

The U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar or the British pound is not the Russian ruble, the Brazilian real or whatever currency of an emerging country.

The United States is the world’s leading economic and military power, Canada is a well-managed country with oil resources, and London is the world’s leading financial center.

If these currencies move against the euro, I do not expect extreme variations. Even if they do, it is not certain that it will be in favor of the euro.

Finally, the cost of living differential between France and the Spanish-speaking countries, where I spend a lot of time, is currently significantly higher than the variations in the EUR/USD exchange rate and its reduction would affect me much more.

Your monthly stock income is very low, you are not a real retired investor!

The average retirement in most developed countries amounts to 1.496€ after 40 years of work.

The future of pensions in western countries also seems very uncertain to me (uncertainty about the duration of contributions, uncertainty about the number of contributions, uncertainty about the revaluation of pensions…) and gloomy: contributing more and more and for longer, in order to get less.

So I find my target of earning 4.000€ after taxes quite a nice goal to reach.

You’re an obnoxious capitalist!

I do believe that capitalism (right to property, opening up to competition) is better than communism.

For all that, capitalism must be strongly regulated, to compensate for its negative externalities (environmental pollution, exploitation of finite resources…) and the imbalances in the balance of power of the various stakeholders (owners, agents, employees…). Today, regulation is insufficient in many aspects, but unfortunately difficult to implement in a globalized market, where countries are in economic competition with each other.

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